Work Your Angles! 5 High Fashion Secrets to Flawless Photos


Work Your Angles!

Work Your Angles!

Article by Erika Valentina Doria
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #21

With sites like Instagram and Pinterest owning the web’s attention these days, looking good in photographs is the undeniably easiest way to catch potential client's eyes. Here are a few secrets to striking that pose:

1| Find the light. Do you ever notice how models are always tilting their face this way or that? Its because they found the light, and they are using it to fill their face. Its basic: take a photo of yourself right now with a lamp directly on the side of your face. See those shadows under your eyes, in your eye sockets, and beside your nose? Scary. No bueno. Follow the light!

2| Smile with Your Eyes. The #1 most powerful way to improve your photos is the infamous eye smile. Some women inherited it, the rest of us have to train ourselves to it. Here’s how: Think about something you love. Smile about it. Now keep the eyes but drop the smile. Ladies, it works. It works because it makes you look mysterious, naughty and at peace all at the same time.

3| The Lift and Drop. A woman who looks like she is floating down from the heavens is an angelic #goddess. The ladies of Old Hollywood had this move down to perfection: sit/stand with your head erect like a string is lifting your head to the skies. Now, drop your chin ever so slightlythink Ava Gardner or Audrey Hepburn. Total pros. All of a sudden you are the most sophisticated woman on Instagram.


4| Strike a pose. When you project a three-dimensional object onto the two-dimensional surface of a photograph, you get a wide opject. So, find angles. Find your pose. And stay away from straight on camera shots. Spend some time in front of a mirror and a pose that shows off your best assets. Study a model with body like yours, find them in magazines and observe the wisdom. Know your pose, and work it. Every. Single. Time

5| Tap into your Inner Feline. Own the Catwalk! Shoulders back, hips forward, knees popping, the fashion runway can be an epic display of feminine sensuality. Keep your shoulders back and jut your hips slightly forward because Lady, your hips don’t lie.

Most importantly… Have fun. Be you. There is nothing more flawless than a photograph of you being 100% authentically you. Shine your light!

I would love to hear any secrets YOU have for taking great photos! Let me know in the comments below..

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Erika Valentina Doria is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Vehicles of Light, a creative brand styling studio and 'inspiration station' for ladybosses seeking next level content and strategy for their online business. She created THE STYLE METHOD, a creative process for entrepreneurs seeking to polish their brand style and strategy. Learn more about her services at Vehicles of Light.

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