5 Things That You Will Ever Need to Launch Your Program Today


Launch Your Program Today

Launch Your Program Today

Article by Jien Tumanda
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

How about we launch your program today? How does that sound? Yep, I am all about ACTION here. Many of us procrastinate and would say “I need to lose weight before I go live on a webinar”, or “I need to buy this equipment and get that gadget first”. DONE is always better than PERFECT. So, let’s start with the very, very, very basic of a program launch. Here we go…

1. Facebook

If you are starting from zero presence online, I personally think that you need a Facebook page first and foremost. If you don’t have a website yet, you can still get clients from your Facebook page.

You can find some amazing Facebook groups where your ideal clients are. You can find your target market by using FB’s search box. Type in keywords like “coaches” or “mompreneurs” and you can find a number of groups to join. #1 tip, know who your target market is. If you need more push, you can do FACEBOOK ADS. You can start for as small as $5 per campaign.

FB Page/FB Groups/FB Ads

2) Newsletter/Autoresponder

It is essential to capture the emails of people who are interested in your offer, this is what online marketers call “building your list”. People need to opt-in so you can send them emails to give them valuable info, get to know you and of course, to promote your program.


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3) Website

Ok. Don’t panic! You don’t need a super fancy, high-end website. In fact, you can start with just a single landing/ sales page where people can know more about you and what you have to offer.  Jazz it up with nice graphics and a great ad copy (good writing is very essential!). 

FREE – WordPress/Wix /Weebly
PAID– Optimize Press/Leadpages 

4) Freebie 

A freebie (report, ebook or webinar) can help you attract people, build your list, give you exposure and let people know that you know your thing. Give them “a taste” of you.  If you are a coach, webinars will work great for you. Read my post on why webinar works.

MS Word/PDF Creator
Webinar- Google Hangout/ Webinar Jam/ GoToMeeting

5. Consultation 

Encourage people to book a ‘discovery session’. Most coaches have a 90% sign up rate through this strategy. This is when you do your magic (wink!).

Online Scheduler – Vcita, Appointy, TimeTrade 

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Jien Tumanda

Jien Tumanda is a professional virtual assistant committed to help life coaches and womenpreneurs with admin tasks and techie jobs that can sometimes get in the way of their business. With over 7 years of experience in online business services, she has helped many entrepreneurs implement their business and marketing strategies. She’s a night owl in Manila, and loving it! Visit her site at Life Coach VAs.

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