5 Ways to Get Motivated To Workout

Get Motivated to Work Out

Get Motivated to Work Out


Article by Allison Tibbs
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

Are you struggling to stay motivated to working out? Don’t worry; you are not alone, over 80% of people who begin a fitness program, quit within the first 21 days. As a personal trainer and healthy lifestyle coach, here are some tips that I share with my clients to help them get and to stay motivated. 

1| Think about WHY you started in the first place:  There is a reason why you decided to start working out and eating healthy. Take some time and write down all of the reasons why you made the decision to get started and read that list on a regular basis.  

2| Take Before & Progress Photos: I am not a big fan of the scale, because it doesn’t tell the full story.  Using photos can give you a realistic view of the progress you are making. Keep those photos handy when you are not feeling that you are making great strides. 

3| Make a Promise to Yourself:  We tend to bend over backwards to make and fulfill promises to everyone else, but when it comes to ourselves, we often break those promises. Treat yourself with the same respect that you would give to anyone that you make a promise to.  Promise yourself that you will stick with it.

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4| Be Kind When You Fail: Sometimes you will have a few off days, weeks or even months, but don’t let that isolated moment cause you to give up. Think of it as a minor stumble on your journey, not one that will cause you to quit and turn back.  You are human, you are not perfect and no one expects you to be. Get back up and keep pushing.

5| Find an Accountability Partner: When you have someone who knows your goals and will make the commitment to be on this journey with you, there is an added does of healthy pressure to not let your partner down. Find a friend, spouse, family member or co-worker who will help to keep you accountable to your workouts and clean eating meals. 

I will be the first one to tell you that it won’t always be easy and you won’t always feel like it, but your life, your future, your health, and the quality of your life, will be greatly affected by how well you consistently take care of yourself. 

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Allison Tibbs

Allison Tibbs is a Certified Personal Trainer & Healthy Lifestyle Coach who helps women to reclaim their bodies and health through simple fitness and nutrition. She provides personal training, online group coaching, and private Healthy Lifestyle Coaching. She is also the creator of The Clean Eating Guide, which can be downloaded for free by visiting The Clean Eating Guide.

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