6 Steps to Follow for Healthy Weight Management


Healthy Weight Management

Healthy Weight Management

Article by Matsepo Manyokole
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

Have you ever wondered what is holding you back from losing all those unwanted pounds? The secret is out. It's your habits. Your current habits, habits you have acquired throughout your life, are keeping you stuck and holding you back from ever getting your body into a healthy mode.

It is now time to learn new strategies that work, and they may seem counterproductive because they go against all you learned.

1. Make a lifestyle change based on the food you love and enjoy. As they say, when it comes to food, always listen to your body. We have always been made to believe that foods that aid in weight loss should be tasteless, unattractive, not well prepared, not well presented, and just bland.
Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against shakes and those blended stuff, but most of them look so unappetizing. That is why people do not stick with diets. They drive people off food. To maintain a healthy weight, you have eat food, healthy food, the body does not need to be deprived!

2. Stop counting calories. As long as you eat proper food, you don't need to count calories. Packaged, processed food have labels showing the amount of calories. A bunch of spinach or a carrot does not come with labels. I believe, also it is always wiser to cook your own food. You know the ingredients you use. You should know what is going into your body.
3. Eat healthy fats. Fats do not make you fat, sugar makes you fat. Fats will make you fat if you eat the wrong type of fats, and on top of that pair them with simple sugars. Fats should be the primary source of energy because they take longet to be depleted from the body. This is a good idea especially when trying to lose weight, you can gradually add comples sugars during the maintenance phase.

4. Watch your sugar intake. Sugar is the regarded as the mother of all evils, but is it? Sugar is a source of energy for the body, but our bodies are consuming the wrong sugars. Find out about good sources of complex sugars.

5. Stop your intake of artificial sweeteners. Added sugar is bad enough on anything, but adding aspartame and others is lethal! 
6. Exercise to burn fat and build muscle. That can be achieved with high intensity exercises.

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Matsepo Manyokole is a registered nurse and founder of Inourhands Health Coaching, an online health and wellness resource for women who want to live healthy and happy lives. While still on the path to her optimum wellness level, she researches and reviews resources available to help others make informed choices. With all the demands of modern day life, Matsepo is a wife and mother of three children and these still remain her priority in life. 

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