All Work and No Play? Checks and Balances


Fashion Editor: Angel Quintana


We've all been there... Working your ass off trying to get your business not just working, but working for you. And with every good hardworking Cinderella story, it's time to throw up your apron and get dressed up for the ball.

I know as much as the next entrepreneur how difficult it can be to turn off work in your head, so why not maintain your business luxury etiquette and be one of the first to indulge in the new iPhone 6 or join the inspirational Richard Branson's Virgin Wine Club. You know a glass of vino always does the trick (it also makes for Stellar gifts for those super rad clients.) And new organic lipstick too. Wink.

One of the things I find that helps me put some playtime into my work time is listening to Pandora. I recently made a station from one of my favorite bands, Cage the Elephant, and I gotta say, I'm in love. Whatever does it for you, purchase a few specialty items that will enhance your life and give you that much needed Checks and Balances. Your business will thank you later.

The Empress Festival

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