Create a Wardrobe You Love in 5 Simple Steps


By Taiece Lanier

Create a Wardrobe you Love in 5 Simple Steps

Create a Wardrobe you Love in 5 Simple Steps

Opening up your closet should be like arriving at a really cool party where everyone you see is
someone you like! That would be in a perfect world, right?

The truth is most of us wear 20% of our clothes and the other 80% just sit there, creating clutter.

I’m here to give you 5 simple steps that'll help you declutter, create a functional closet, and love 100% of your clothes. 

Grab a notepad, coffee or tea, and let’s get started!

1 :: If you don’t love it, lose it!

I want you to go through every inch of your closet, including
accessories, and ask yourself one key question: If I had to purchase this item over again
today, would I?
If your answer is 'yes,' then it stays, but if there's hesitation or a flat out 'no,' it goes straight to the TOSS pile! It means you don’t love this item anymore; it’s not in alignment with your current style.

2 :: Is this item in good condition?

If your clothes are discolored, worn, outdated, too big or too small... to the TOSS pile they go! They're simply taking up unnecessary space in your closet. Let go of the worn-out and lifeless; you will never wear them in these conditions.

3 :: Does this item fit my current lifestyle?

Maybe you worked as a doctor and you have a closet full of scrubs and causal wear & now you’re a fashion editor for a major magazine. You can’t have meetings at the Vogue office in scrubs or casual wear!
Maybe you've found your calling and you still have clothes from the past that don't really complement the new you. What's no longer in sync shouldn't be cluttering your space... TOSS pile!
You need clothes that fit this new chapter in your life. Your closet should resemble your lifestyle.

4 :: Buy something new; donate something old.

To help reduce clutter, when you make that next fabulous purchase, donate an item to charity that you have no use for anymore.
This is a great way to not only give back to those in need, but keep your closet from bursting at the seams! You know what they say... one woman's trash is another woman's treasure.

5 :: Only buy clothes you LOVE.

Sometimes we like to buy something because it’s on sale or it’s cute, but we don’t necessarily love it. These buys end up being the 80% of our closet that we don't wear. Instead of shopping on impulse, shop with a purpose! 
Have in mind what you already have in your closet and choose items that will help you build your wardrobe and complement your personal style.
If you already have 10 pairs of black denim, do you really need an 11th?

Try purchasing wardrobe builders... before you know it you'll have an entire closet full of items you LOVE. After all, Rome wasn't built in a day.

So now you can take decluttering your closet off your to do list! Organize your clothes by light
to dark, keeping similar styles together.

Use all matching hangers, and PLEASE... no wire hangers. This will help you maximize your space and make your closet look neat, organized, and purposeful.

Put these tips to good use and you're on your way to an organized life!


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