3 Dangers of Not Being Intentional in Your Life & Business

Dangers of Not Being Intentional

Dangers of Not Being Intentional


Article by Darlene Dunn
Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
Magazine: Issue #26

It is so easy to just ‘let life happen’ but when we do that we never go anywhere, we never achieve anything and we are always at the mercy of others. Listed below are three dangers to not living an Intentional Life & Business:

1| You become stagnant - just like a body of water that no longer moves, you will pick up all kinds of ‘junk’. You will no longer be moving toward anything, you will just ‘hang’ out and wither and soon begin to ‘stink’. Your business won’t grow and will most likely go backwards.

2| You will be unfilled - you will know that something is missing, you just won’t know what. You will hang out with other unfilled folk and commiserate that there ‘must be more out there’ yet you won’t go in search of the ‘more’.

3| You will be an easy ‘mark’ for the unscrupulous - when you aren’t intentional you can be swayed to purchase programs or products that you don’t need. These salespeople can zero on folks that are not living an intentional life and sell you oceanfront property in the desert! 

An easy way to avoid these dangers is to just BE INTENTIONAL. Every day wake up, review your vision and your goals and make a decision to walk toward them. Make a plan and go after it. Weigh every decision against your goals and vision- will doing this get you closer to your goal? If not, perhaps it isn’t the right time to do that particular thing. When you are intentional you will also see doors open that you wouldn’t have seen if you were not being intentional. Make this Your Year for Massive growth- BE INTENTIONAL!!!

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