Do You Know What Colors Up Level Your Style?


What Colors Up-Level Your Style

What Colors Up-Level Your Style

Article by Lisa Torba
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

Should you get your colors done?

Did you know that most people make up their mind about who and what you are in the first 2 minutes of meeting you and that over 50% of that evalua-tion is based on what you are wearing? We’d like to believe that people are judging us for who we are, not what we are wearing and yet understand why this is true...Like it or not, you are your own walking billboard and & when you are dressed in alignment with who you are, or as I would like to say dressed in Your Signature Element you naturally attract more of what you want. Whether its clients, friends, partners, sales, etc. People are able to see the real you, there is a trust. Not to mention the added of confidence that boosts your inner game. You need every 1st impression to count! When you show up, you have the greatest opportunity to have the impact you want, to get your message across most clearly, to reach and attract the clients you’ve been dreaming of and to get PAID what you deserve. 

I get really excited about this because it’s a whole new way of looking at dressing. Here is the tip. When you go shopping or even when you go to your closet, hold up the clothing, look in the mirror and ask yourself, do you see you or the fabric? The clothing you are wearing can either be a hin-drance or help. What you are wearing can actually be creating a distraction, blocking you from the con-nections you want. Have you ever been watching the news or a speaker and for instance their hair or tie or pattern on their shirt is distracting? It’s because it’s not in resonance with their physical energy. When your clothing is in resonance with your physical energy and you are in harmony with YOU, anything is pos-sible. People respond to you differently. They want to work with you, collaborate with you, work on pro-jects with YOU. They just get YOU. 

When you wear YOUR colors, or have these colors in your environment you are energized, feel great, and look GREAT. When your are dressed in Your Signature Element people will respond more posi-tively to you.  Your color harmonies are pleasing to the eyes and you look incredible, feel more com-forable, and are more confident in everything you do! 

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Lisa Torba, has a passion for supporting dynamic women entrepreneurs and business owners to create style that gets results.  Through her image consulting, she helps women find their Signature Element so that they look and feel so amazing, and their success grows nearly overnight. Not sure of your element?  Visit Your Signature Element to book a free consultation with me and we can talk about how to shine through, look gorgeous, and have the world responding to you a way that feels GREAT! 

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