Don't Sit on the Sidelines of Your Own Business

Don't Sit on the Sidelines of Your Own Business

Don't Sit on the Sidelines of Your Own Business


Article by Ellie Isacs
Photo Credit: Mike Nguyen
Magazine: Issue #22

Recently I participate in Q&A Session. I dialed in just at the start and was the first caller on the line. The host greeted me warmly and asked me if I have any questions, as its ok to start, even while others join. My answer:” Well…no, not really. I was just going to listen in and hear what others ask and then maybe something will come up”. The next caller dialed in and the host asked if they had questions……………..Well what happened next blew my mind off. The second participant said: “No, not really. I also want to listen what others will ask or say”

Hearing my own words, made me shiver. Who was I? And what was I waiting for? A cover up, a quite spot in the audience, just to applause, those playing the game, at the end????

It pushed me strong, and it pushed me hard. My own darling answer made me realize the position I was taking. I thought, being on this call meant interest. Being on this call meant pro-activeness, so what was I waiting for? Why not ask, yes just ask? I had thoughts but I took the easy way of saying, oh…no, no questions

To experience change, one must be the change. To lead and empower, one must own the way, the approach and the personality leaders embody. One cannot HAVE freedom, and then BE free. One cannot HAVE a community, and then BE a leader. One cannot HAVE followers, and then BE influential.


One must BE a leader and then will HAVE the community. One must BE free and taste and HAVE real freedom. One must BE the change and then HAVE everything change. One must truly and only BE-HAVE as what he searches for. When you are what you are looking for, you are limitless. What is your “, and then”?

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