Featured Interview: Brie Leach Crouse


Interview by Angel Quintana
Photo Credit: Hailley Howard
Magazine: Issue #29

Photography by: Hailley Howard

Photography by: Hailley Howard

In this month’s issue of Holistic Fashionista Magazine, we feature our editorial makeup artist Brie Leach Crouse. A Laguna Beach bridal makeup artist and hairstylist with a background in fine art, Brie, is a promoter of confidence, fun and zero stress on your wedding day. You can learn more about Brie and her services at www.BeachFox.com.

Why were you drawn to all-natural & organic makeup?

I never considered that makeup could be potentially harmful until I started to educate myself on how to improve my diet. I wasn’t sick or anything, but at the time I was renting a cute little place with a garden plot and I began growing vegetables, cooking more often and learning about nutrition. It took a couple years of casual research before I had the revelation-- our skin absorbs the ingredients we apply to it, so shouldn’t we as careful about what goes on our skin as we are about the food we eat? Then I went down the rabbit hole and I’ve been finding my way back to the surface, unlearning every clever marketing scam I had been taught along the way.

How did you get started in the industry?

I was living with a girlfriend who was a professional model. She would give me first-hand details from behind the scenes and I always wanted the scoop on the makeup and hairstyling products the pros used. Because I was so interested and since I already had a fine art background, eventually she began asking me to do her makeup. It quickly became obvious that I was hooked, so she encouraged me to enroll at a prestigious makeup school that happened to be down the street, right under my nose. Thanks Jenny Lynne!

Can you tell us about your business, Beach Fox?

Beach Fox is the name of my freelancing business where I perform makeup applications and hairstyles that are non-toxic and safe for both me and my clients. I’m not selling products, I’m simply supporting all the great brands out there who are on the forefront of a cleaner beauty industry, by buying their existing products and using them on my clients. I’m basically doing what I love, which is creating beautiful makeup and hair looks, while showing my clients the possibilities of what they can create with the healthy products that are currently on the market, should they choose to go out on their own and buy them. I also like using my all-natural and organic kit for my print work, since models don’t have a choice of what artists put on them-- they all appreciate knowing that I’m using safe products on them and that I care.  

What piece of advice would you give an entrepreneur who is looking to start in the beauty industry?

Stay humble. You can always be better; focus on yourself and how you can improve while trying not to compare yourself to others. Just because everyone else is doing it, doesn’t mean you have to. I’ve made a career out of not subscribing to trends and looking within to find the style that speaks from my heart. 

What is the most important thing to you about all-natural & organic products?

My clients’ satisfaction. I’m on a mission to provide the cleanest, most beautiful makeup applications and hairstyles and I rely on the industry to provide me with products I use to make that happen. If something new comes out that is healthier and better than the one I have, you bet I’ll swap it out. If any of my clients have an issue with something I’ve used, I want to know about it. Their happiness is the most important thing to me.

What are your go-to makeup or beauty products?

Organic witch hazel to prep and tone the skin, 100% Pure fruit pigmented concealer, Mama Going Natural liquid foundation (etsy), Alima Pure satin matte blush, and Juice Beauty refining finishing powder. 

Photography by: Hailley Howard

Photography by: Hailley Howard

What is your #1 beauty tip?

Always set creams with loose powders. All-natural products have many plant-based ingredients that might not stay where you put them the way their chemical counterparts do. Before writing off a product, try setting it. I find that makeup looks more natural when it’s underneath a sheer veil of powder anyways.

What’s next for Beauty Fox?

Any upcoming events/ventures we need to know about? Beach Fox the app! Hopefully in the near future I’ll have the Beach Fox app ready to download for free-- book makeup and hair appointments and beauty consultations, see what’s new in clean beauty and more.

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