Featured Interview with Modern Mystic, Natalia Benson


Interview by Angel Quintana
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Magazine Issue #58

Featured Interview with Modern Mystic, Natalia Benson

Featured Interview with Modern Mystic, Natalia Benson

This month we chat with Natalia Benson, a Los Angeles based holistic maven who does it ALL with such badass style.

We’re having a serious girl crush right now… You wear so many hats and you do it ALL with such badass style: Modern Mystic, Astrologer, Tarot Reader & Life Coach. Can you tell us a little about yourself and how you got started in the mystical and healing arts?

Aw babes.. thank you so much :) I am seriously over the moon about this feature, thank you! Well.. a bit of how I got started into all of this, it's definitely a classic tale of following the heart and I mean that! In my early twenties, I struggled with massive insecurities and addiction, all of which made me suffer a great deal. I knew somewhere deep down that there was way more to life than what I was experiencing. When I first moved to Los Angeles I was actually going through a breakup and a dear girlfriend of mine turned me onto Astrology. I like to say (ode to Ruby Warrington's book, Material Girl, Mystical World) that Astrology was my gateway drug into the Mystical. Tarot, Crystals, Yogic Technology and Meditation weren't far off after that. I had always craved this really powerful amount of depth and beauty in life, and fortunately, was able to find that via all of these powerful modalities and coming home into myself. It's been such a powerful journey. My twenties were definitely weird, I worked to build businesses and did a ton of yoga teacher trainings and spent much of it alone, exploring who I was doing a lot of deep healing work... wow, what a journey!! 

You’ve done readings for big brands like Google, Topshop, and St. Germain Liqueur (we love a good elderflower cocktail) and are currently the Astrologer for Who What Wear… how has working with these companies impacted your own business and growth?

Well, I really believe that any and all opportunities help you grow - getting to sit down with as many people as I have and partner with amazing companies and brands has all contributed to building my work and name all these years. Relationships and, in my opinion, authentic connections are what help cultivate success. With any and every opportunity i’ve had, i’ve done my best to put my best foot forward and connect authentically, in service and good energy. Who What Wear has definitely been an incredible platform for me, I’m grateful they’ve believed in my work all these years and given me such an amazing opportunity to grow. I now contribute via their Instagram Live every month, whereas prior I was writing horoscopes for the site.

Featured Interview with Modern Mystic, Natalia Benson

Featured Interview with Modern Mystic, Natalia Benson

What’s your current go-to Tarot deck and what advice would you give to someone just starting out with Tarot? Any plans to create your own deck?

Well, I personally love the Thoth Deck. I have been working with it since I was about 22 and I connect to it so deeply. I always like to suggest with Tarot that you go with a deck that really speaks to you - don’t go with the one you “should” use or that people say is the easiest to learn on. Find the best guidebook and learn that way. I show my whole teaching methodology for Tarot in my online Mystic 101 Course! As far as creating my own deck, that is absolutely in my heart and as I grow I know that will be a major part of my career. So exciting!! I’ll start to manifest the artist because I wouldn’t say I am one to draw or paint, i’m a bit too judgmental of my own handy work! haha.

We loved listening to your podcast with the women from Control Forever about two of our favorite things: crystals and astrology... Can you share with us how this powerful combination has impacted your life? Any guidance for our readers on using crystals with astrology?

Oh that’s awesome, thank you! I absolutely love those babes and that was an incredible interview for me. I more so suggest Tarot paired with Astrology - crystals are remarkable to utilize for absolutely everything. I only recently became even more deeply obsessed with the healing power of crystals, especially with opening and stepping into my feminine receptivity and wisdom. I sleep with a rose quartz, a pink moonstone & amazonite every night! I’ve honestly noticed a massive difference for this Aries, with nearly 7 planets in fire, in terms of tapping into the more feminine, peaceful parts of myself! I've become so much more effective and happy in my life being more tapped into my feminine energy. Thank you Rose Quartz!!

Featured Interview with Modern Mystic, Natalia Benson

Featured Interview with Modern Mystic, Natalia Benson

Living in La-La land can be pretty fast paced and socially draining… how do you ground yourself and find balance with all you do? Do you practice any daily rituals or ceremonies?

You are absolutely right Los Angeles is a pretty wild place.. i’ve been living here for about a decade so I can say that I’ve found my niche and peace within the chaos. As far as keeping grounded and balanced, my home is my absolute sanctuary. No matter what’s happening in my life or in the outside world, every time I come back here I feel peaceful. I believe this is almost the number 1 priority living in such a busy city, you’ve got to have a place where you feel you can put your roots down and kick your feet up! 

Every morning I meditate, do my affirmations, breath-work, stretching if needed, and a little bit of visualization. I’ve found over the years that I am the most effective and happy in my life when I take time for my spiritual practice in the morning! I also stopped drinking caffeine on the daily and that has really helped me to feel more centered and grounded within such a hectic lifestyle! I can’t believe what a difference that has made in my life!

You’ve got such a clear and radiant complexion, but we all know beauty starts from the inside out… what do you eat to get that glow? Please spill the beans on your nutrition secrets ;)

Again thank you, you babes make me feel so good :) Well yes, I truly believe that beautiful skin and getting that ‘glow’ begins in the gut! I am extremely adamant about getting tons of pure water every day, I have a filter in my house that I am obsessed with! I also basically live at Erewhon and eat organic, fresh food every single day. Getting a green juice from there on the daily has also been my #1 go to for an energy boost and clear skin. I believe whatever goes on your skin is secondary to what’s going in your body. I love intuitively eating and paying attention to my skin, because I can basically see like, ok... need to get some more greens or veggies, or... ok, totally fine to have that pizza and pasta from Jon & Vinny’s.

Not only are you an all-around spiritual badass, you’re a DJ too! What songs do you currently play on repeat?

Yes music!!! Is my heart. My dad actually named me after a Van Morrison song and really raised me on music! I was also a dancer all of my life, so being obsessed with songs has always been a staple on my world!! Here’s a few tracks I haven’t stopped listening to as of late... 

  • Chasing Marakkech by ZHU

  • Women by Overyjoy

  • Obey by Atlantic Haze

  • Harvest Love & Jungle by Tash Sultana

  • The End by Petit Biscuit

  • Vertigo by Brian Marc

...just to name a few :)  

Featured Interview with Modern Mystic, Natalia Benson

Featured Interview with Modern Mystic, Natalia Benson

Can you share with us what you are currently working on? Any big projects or collaborations on the horizon?

Well, I am about to be releasing a lot more digital courses which I am incredibly excited about... one is a Women’s Empowerment Course which is basically embodying my Coaching Methodology, the other is my Astrology Essentials Course. I am amidst my first Live Digital Course ever called “Build Your Mystical Business” which is freaking amazing! I am guiding on how to be confident and offer your gifts to your Universe and build your own revenue streams! Projects and Collab.’s are constantly incoming, I just did something with Mother Denim on their Instagram which was a massive dream come true... very excited to keep working with those babes!

Before we let you go… If you had one piece of advice for our readers as it pertains to starting, growing, or scaling a mystical endeavor, what would it be?

First and foremost... Love yourself. Accept yourself, know you are worthy to live the life you want to and know in your heart is possible.. I like to teach that in order to be truly successful, fulfilled and effective in whatever you choose to do, you have to be lovingly confident in who you are. Going out on a whim and cultivating your own identity in this world takes a lot of internal perseverance and trust. I always say that what you get on the outside is a result of what you cultivate internally. Allow your internal work to inspire you to take action in whatever you want to create in the world, I think that's where everything should truly begin anyway! I hope that helps!

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