Find Your Silhouette, Rock Your Style


Style is supposed to be FUN and easy breezy, but first you have to build a foundation. In this episode, SoulStyle Coach, Eyenie talks about the “silhouette” and its mega importance in helping you express your authentic style! Take all the guesswork and frustration out of suiting up in the morn’ with this kick-ass tool in your style tool box.

Living in NEON! with Eyenie Schultz

Are you ready to step out of blah grey-scale and leap into NEON?! Join SoulStyle Coach & Visibility Facilitator, Eyenie Schultz for "Living in NEON!" to learn how use your unique beauty, mad style and mindset to feel WOW and live a life you mega dig, and let the authentic YOU radiate!

Host: Eyenie Schultz

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