What to Do When You Get B*tch-Slapped By The Universe


What to Do When You Get B*tch-Slapped By The Universe

What to Do When You Get B*tch-Slapped By The Universe

Article by Nikka Karli Salifu  
Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari

Ever had that feeling?  Where you think you’re on your path.  Clarity and confidence are yours.  You’re FINALLY turning the dreams that have been burning a hole in YOUR SOUL into reality.  And then BOOM.  Out of the vast expanse of infinite possibilities and divine opportunities comes a little thing we call Nothing.  Nada.  I’m talking straight-up radio silence on the vibrational airwaves.  

Those dreams? (Uh, what dreams?) That clarity? (Wait.  Really?  Is that what I’m supposed to do with my life?) The confidence? (I’ll never be able to do this. I’m a total fraud.) Ever been there?  Well congratulations, Gorgeous. You’ve just been b*tch-slapped by The Universe…  Welcome to the club.  

The Universe is well-meaning.  It wants you to live in alignment with your purpose.  You’ve hit this radio-silence for a reason.  Not because you suck.  Not because The Universe is out to get you. And NOT because you are unworthy of success and abundance.  It’s because you ARE worthy.  This happened so you can begin making a conscious shift towards true fulfillment.

So, what’s an aspiring thought leader-healer-teacher to do?  In order to get back on your path -and STAY on it- you will need to begin employing a strategy called “5 Petals of The Rising Lotus”.  (OK, yes.  I totally just made that up, but stick with me anyways.)  Since I know you are probably pretty busy and need to get back to changing the world, here’s the Cliff Notes version:

Clear Your Road Blocks

Here is where your energy healing practice comes into play.  A stagnant period in your creativity probably means you have old patterns and blocks in your way.  

Call Yourself on Your Crap

Begin a meditation practice.  Get on your yoga mat.  Sit with yourself.  Remember, you can’t hide from your stuff forever (well, not if you want to be a creative visionary who impacts the world anyways).

Cultivate an Abundant Mindset

Make a list of all the ways in which you have abundance in this moment.  Begin to own your worth and value your gifts.  This is where true abundance, creativity, and success begin.

Create a Pleasure Ritual

Find time to enjoy your life.  Draft your book proposal while spending time in nature.  Take luxurious baths.  Without enough daily pleasure, you’ll turn to past addictions to compensate (attention seeking, drugs, food, etc.).

Construct Your Creative Cove

Ooooh, I so love this!  Head over to Pinterest and start a board for your sacred oasis of calm.  A space to create and nourish your dreams.

Feeling inspired to get back in the game?  Fab!  Now, go take some inspired action on your dreams and begin making them your reality.

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