How to Create Your Own Life Path

How to Create Your Own Life Path

How to Create Your Own Life Path


Article by Diana Sucala
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

Was a time in my life when I felt like I was on a boat in a middle of a storm and I couldn't see my lighthouse through the fog... I felt lost without direction, with too many shadows. I realized if the storm will seize control of my mind and soul I will be lost on my life journey. I closed my eyes imagining a beautiful powdered sky with sparkling stars, till the storm vanished from my soul and my mind was caressed with clarity.

The secret was to learn to respect myself more. Reconnecting with nature was the keyto reconnect with myself. 

It’s a beautiful feeling to accept yourself the way you are and to start living the life you always dream of.

If you feel lost, without direction I can help you with the e-course „DIY Your Life Path” to be the North Star for you, so you can have clarity on which direction to go on your life journey, what to do to transform it in a wonderful experience.

Life can simple. You have the power to design it the way your soul whispers.

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Diana Sucala

Diana Sucala is a Brand Therapist with degrees and certifications in PR & Communication, Business Management, Stress Management, Training, Aesthetique and Munay Ki. She is the Founder of the Romanian online concept called Scoala Zanelor to help solo-entrepreneurs to create a successful brand and life. Follow Diana’s blog for free tips to feel better in your skin >> Lifestyle By Diana.

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