Of Awareness and Manifestation

Of Awareness and Manifestation

Of Awareness and Manifestation


Article by Claire Porter
Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
Magazine: Issue #26

Look around you, and then look inside. When we take in what is going on around us and then check in with how we feel and where our thoughts go, we are processing information. We are processing a reality and making a determination if we like or dislike that reality, if we would want to live it again or not. That processing of experiences leads to greater clarity. Greater clarity leads to more concise intentions. More concise intentions lead to quicker manifestations. And, if we truly do want what we ask for, quicker manifestations lead to more quickly felt joy.  

Don't only live in the moment, be conscious of your reality and be grateful for the lessons gifted to you from your experience. Not having the awareness of how your life is running, what is going on, what is out there and possible, means you're not learning everything you could from your internal processing (which happens with or without your attention). Having the mindfulness of our surroundings and our feelings gives us amazing insight to the guidance of our internal wisdom, which then in turn helps us manifests our desires.

Every experience offers a lesson. Sometimes the lesson is an affirmation of our intuition, validating what we already thought to be true. Other times the lesson comes as a surprise – good or not so welcomed. Realize that the moments your mind is processing distaste or negative experiences, that those, too, affect your desires in a positive way, because knowing what you don't want is arguably as important as knowing what you do want. You could look at life like a recipe you're trying to master, made up of many of sub-recipes. It might take a little while to get the right mixture or components down, but eventually you get really clear on how much is too much of this ingredient or that, and what tastes the best. And with more taste-testing, you get pretty good at knowing what you're looking for, what will work, and what won't. (Bear in mind that our tastes change and recipes that once delighted us may ultimately get shelved – c'est la vie!) Why go through life eating mediocre food when all it takes is a bit of effort to have something you really enjoy?

Bit of Effort Outline:
1. Live in the moment and pay attention.
2. Observe your feelings: what your emotions are, how your body feels, what discernments you make.
3. Relish those. Trust those are guiding you (even if you're guided away from what you've just experienced, you're still be guided toward something else).
4. Think and feel what you want more of. Dream your desires, make plans, set intentions.
5. Have faith that your positive-natured thinking and feeling will manifest more positive thoughts and feelings.
6. Smile and know that life is amazing.

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