The Secret to Defining Your Lucrative Niche

Defining Your Lucrative Niche

Defining Your Lucrative Niche


Article by Ling Wong
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #21

Many people struggle to “figure out” their niche. Some are starting out, and some have been in business for a while but feel that “something is missing” in their message, target market and offerings.

“Plugging along” doesn’t mean progress. We have to reignite our FIRE to get out of “clone drone” existence.

To escape limbo and lit the FIRE for impactful actions, we need to determine our big WHY, WHO, WHAT and HOW – which will also conveniently translate into your niche.

Unfortunately, many people took some “niche” trainings packaged in a canned, “digestible” manner, with a disproportionate emphasis on “formula” and “research”.

They got “pushed” into a niche before they are ready to “claim it”, picking something from the “viable niche” menu only to realize it doesn’t resonate after spending months down the rabbit hole of building everything around this “made-believe” niche.

The emphasis on research and data has distracted you from the most important thing – YOU, the secret sauce in your business!

Data cannot synthesize and innovate without your creativity and individuality.

We stuff ourselves with “other people’s view points” at the expense of living our own beliefs, passion and conviction. All those templates, checklists, blueprints and formula are weighing us down. 


The first step to nailing your WHY, WHO, WHAT and HOW is to question if an idea, belief, or concept is coming from deep within YOU, or something you were told that is “supposed to be?”

With that mindset, ask –

  • Why the heck did you go into business in the first place? (Be selfish here.)
  • What do you want your business to do FOR you?
  • What is your passion and conviction? What riles you up? 
  • What are your superpowers?
  • How are you going to blend you desires, conviction, superpowers and personality altogether and express fully in your business?
  • What kind of clients really lights you up? 
  • How does your conviction apply to these people? How can your superpowers serve them in a unique way?

When you get to the bottom of it and find YOU, you will also nail that CONVICTION that leads to COMMITMENT, fueling the GUMPTION to make it happen. It is not easy to get to the ultra-clarity, formulate it into an Identity, claim it and translate it into marketing communication that sells while expressing all of your individuality and personality.

It took me 12 months and 5-figure private coaching; I want to make it happen for you in 60 days, for less than a grand in this brand new Nail Your Message Private VIP Intensive.

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