Why You Should Stop Giving Away Your Goodies for Free


Why You Should Stop Giving Away Your Goodies For Free

Why You Should Stop Giving Away Your Goodies For Free

Article by Nikka Karli Salifu
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Are you a Goodie-Giver? Someone with an amazing gift, but you can't seem to keep it in your pants when it comes to giving away your services for free?

I'd reckon that you, Sweet Thang, are so awesome that everyone comes to you for help. With their relationships. Their nutrition/fitness. Their branding. And you, Sugar Lips, haven't exactly mastered the art of saying “no”. Right? You spend the time that you SHOULD be dedicating to launching your mission on not-so-stellar interactions. Things like writing meal plans for everyone you know, helping your sister's girlfriend's mom attract her ideal clientele, or doing 2-hour life coaching sessions for your old boyfriend who just really needs your advice with his wife/job/future book. Oh, and you’re doing all of this FOR FREE!  Ringing any bells, Sassy Pants?

It's high time you start charging top dollar. If you want your business to go from Side Job to Soul Gig, you have to start respecting your gifts rather than giving them up to every Tom, Dick, and Harry who says they need your help. Of course they need your help!  You've got SKILLS, baby! However, that does NOT mean you should be laying out the proverbial trough for everyone to come chow down on your talent. You’ll only be left with a temporary high of having helped someone (ahhh, this is why I do what I do). Wait. Don't get too happy because this is eventually followed by resentment that they had the nerve to send you another 3am text asking for your advice regarding their oh-so-immediate concern about the fact that their uterus is going to be rocket-launched from their body if you don't help them find a man like yesterday (this is also known as a Business Bootie Call and unfortunately comes without the added benefit of you actually getting any). Finally, you reach full-blown resentment and astonishment at why you're unable to build your dope-a$$ business. Yuck.

So, what's a Dame to do? Why, learn to practice her Sacred No, of course! The next time someone asks you for free help to fix their life, ask yourself if makes your soul happy. Is it going to help you focus on sharing your purpose with people who really need your help? Or is it only helping you to continue playing small? Ouch!  By giving it up (errr, away) for free, you are only succeeding in hiding your true talents from the people who are desperately seeking YOU. Would you rather learn to use that Sacred No or continue giving every Joe in town a free ride on your Talent Train?

Remember, Fancy Face, playing in the Big Leagues means knowing (and charging) your worth.

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