5 New Beginnings for Rebooting and Feeling More Successful in Your Business


Article by Darlene Dunn  


We are in full force in 2014 and it's time for new beginnings; however, you may be feeling like you finished 2013 off kilter.  Perhaps, like our computers, you need to re-boot.  Take some time to reflect on the following and make a new plan:

Success Strategy #1: Friends/Associates

  • Have they been holding you back or cheering you on?
  • Perhaps it is time to ‘cut’ a few people from your circle if they are keeping you from pursuing/achieving your dream

Success Strategy #2: Knowledge

  • Do you an area of deficient knowledge?
  • What knowledge, if attained, will help you move your business to the next level?
  • Make a plan to attain this knowledge in 2014- You need to keep an insatiable thirst for knowledge alive this year.

Success Strategy #3: Your Words

  • Are you speaking success into your life?
  • Have you ‘listened to yourself’ lately?  
  • Make it a priority to listen to yourself.  Are your words holding you back from achieving your dream?

Success Strategy #4: Your Attitude

  • Do you need the proverbial- ‘check up from the neck up’?
  • Sometimes just tweaking our attitude can make a huge difference in our business

Success Strategy #5: Decisions

  • Were you decisive in 2013? Realize that every time you do not make a decision, you actually make a decision
  • Be intentional with your decisions but don’t become paralyzed by over-thinking each decision
  • Let you vision/mission statement guide your decisions- each decision should move you one step closer to achieving your dream.

Put these 5 success strategies into action and see what happens next. Each step you'll gain a little more clarity about what it is you are hoping to achieve, you'll have a sunnier disposition, and most of all you will begin to attract more abundance into your life and business. Let’s go achieve our dreams, you smart entrepreneur!

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