Success That Sticks

Issue #26: Letter from the Editor

CEO/Founder: Angel Quintana
Photo: Dasha & Mari

Photography by: Dasha & Mari

Photography by: Dasha & Mari

In business, we’re often pulled in so many directions on any given day that a bill slip may slip through the cracks or worse, we miss a dog grooming appointment. And yes, while having a checklist, Google calendar, or your passion planner are mandatory tools to staying organized when you’re hella busy changing lives (and the world!), sometimes there are other important to-do’s on the Change Makers agenda.

When it comes to making a difference, the Club Members in this issue have that skill down packed. Their contribution to our culture and subcultures are pivotal as they embark on yet another season of improving the planet one person, one day at a time. That’s because, they’re Change Makers— they have slightly different priorities and know lil Bobo & Bandit will get groomed before the weekend.

Change Makers are chosen agents who take a stand for what they believe in and practice mindfulness and compassion 7-days a week, 365 days a year. Here at Holistic Fashionista, we are believe the “success that sticks”, starts with a daily practice of mindfulness. This daily practice usually involves rituals like: meditating, journaling, reading, exercising, or a combination of all the above. As the age old saying goes, “You cannot help another if you cannot help yourself”— that’s what makes the Change Maker so good at their job. They make themselves first priority.

Photography by: Dasha & Mari

Photography by: Dasha & Mari

This month we are honored to give recognition where recognition is due— to the Change Makers of the world who not only have made it their life’s mission to improve our experience with life, but who are prime examples in holistic leadership. Leadership starts from within and with daily mindful rituals, changing the world is truly possible.

If you too, have found yourself missing an appointment or getting down on yourself for being less than perfect, just remember we all mess up once in awhile. However, if you’re here to make big strides in our Universe, pat yourself on the back and remember this: sometimes you’ve got bigger tasks on your to do list and something’s gotta give.  It might not be your morning yoga or your mid-day meditation, but we know rituals are different than daily to-do’s, they are the fuel that breaths life into new beginnings.


Angel Quintana builds holistic brands. She is the CEO and Founder of Holistic Fashionista, a marketing and consulting agency for holistic leaders looking to start and grow designer businesses. Acclaimed for her renowned Signature System©mentoring programs, Angel helps over-achievers launch strategic sales funnels to sell high-end, holistic products. Her non-traditional consulting style focuses on asking hard questions and listening attentively to clients in order to: write compelling sales copy, creative problem solve, launch killer marketing plans, and attract their Kismet Clients™.

While her tattooed exterior shows her creative tough side, it is her thoughtful approach to brand building that has won her thousands of raving fans. She is also the author of Funnel Foreplay, the little black playbook of sales strategies for a new generation of internet marketers who celebrate the art of business-to-consumer relationships without jumping into bed with cold leads. To learn more about Angel, visit

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