The Benefits of Being a Self-Care Advocate


Article by Jennifer Miller

The Benefits of Being a Self-Care Advocate

The Benefits of Being a Self-Care Advocate

Self-care is all about identifying your own needs, and how they can be met without judgment or guilt. Bringing the focus on yourself is not a selfish act, it is a chance to nourish and tend to what refuels your body, mind and spirit. We often forget our own needs- so advocacy for your own self care is important.

Life can sometimes be overwhelming, and we tend to make sure everyone else’s needs are met before our own. As we get caught up in the hustle of life our self-care is the first to go. When we get proper self-care you are able to show up much differently in your life, as it helps with focus, become more aware and be clear for future tasks.


1. Productivity - slowing down, and saying no when you need to seems like a great idea but can be hard to do when you feel pulled to do “more”. When you do slow down and say no to what does not serve you and yes to the things that does you are able to be more productive and have more room for the things that fill you up. It also helps you see what is most important.

2. Improves compassion- when you are able to practice self-compassion it improves your ability to give empathy to others, as well as release judgment from your thoughts. Being warm and loving to yourself can clear the emotional clutter, improve your perspective and decrease the feeling of inadequacy. Be kind to yourself as you would be to others.

3. Increases self-identity- when we practice self-care it shows you what is important, and also what you enjoy. It can break down barriers of things you may not want to do for yourself, or open you up to do more of those enjoyable activities, reigniting old passions and connecting to self.

4. Improves your capacity to help others. If you are an empty cup you cannot help fill others cup- it just isn’t possible. Self-care improves your relationships with others and expands your capacity to be empathetic. This being said do not give too much of yourself away as your cup will quickly go back to being empty.

What are some things I can do to start? Here is a list that can help!

Physical Self-Care:

Go For A Walk



Play With A Dog

Take A Hot Shower

Reorganize Your Room

Visit Your Favorite Coffee Shop


Take A Nap


Mental Self-Care:

Read A Book

Learn To Draw Something New

Find A DIY Activity On Pinterest

Buy An Adult Coloring Book

Turn Off Your Phone

Ask For Help When You Need It

Stay Off Of Social Media

Read Inspiring Quotes

Listen To Calm Music

Write Down Your Thoughts And Feelings

Paint/draw or Create

Emotional Self-Care:

Put Your Favorite Song On Repeat

Put On Fresh, Comfy Clothes

Find A Quiet Place And Meditate

Avoid Triggers

Light Your Favorite Candle

Slow Your Breathing

Take A 10 Minute Break

Spend Time With Loved Ones

Watch Your Favorite TV Show Or Movie

Have a Good Cry

Talk to a Friend

Be Kind to Yourself

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