The Metallic Way to Success


Fashion Editor: Angel Quintana


January might be the month for gloom and rain, but we're ready to kick up the shimmer and make 2015 shine! With a new beginning and fresh start to a New Year, why not add a few special pieces to your life to bring your personal brand to the limelight and get people to take notice of what you're up to!

We think metallic are to die for.

In particular, we are in the mood for pleats, organic vitamins to keep our healthy skin glowing all year round, a striped journal to share our deepest hopes, dreams, AND goals, and a bat our lashes with a new fave make-up accessory. We are also fond of feeding our brain new ideas, that's sure to wake up those creative juices with five star books, cozy over-sized sweaters (which we think pair perfectly with midi skirts), and a favorite designer clutch and sunnies because we know the future is bright. Celebrate your life every single day, and the clients and the fun are sure to join you. <3

The Empress Festival

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