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Article by Lynne Dominick
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Magazine: Issue #42

Time to Pack Your Bags!

Ever the optimist, the morning after the Brexit vote I woke up trying to put a positive spin on the market-shattering news of the “Leave” vote majority.  The obvious choice (and one I am sure that is shared by many of you) was, “I need to start planning a trip to London”!

Let’s look at the top reasons why this silver lining solution is a really good idea.

Special Offers
Many of the airlines are offering great travel packages for the summer, but as the pound will probably not have an immediate recovery, why not take advantage of the situation and take that trip across the pond after the tourists have gone home.  

September is a beautiful month, the weather is still warm and many of the airline deals are still valid.  There are also very reasonable last minute airline options that will not set you back an arm and a leg.  If you do decide to take advantage of a last minute opportunity, be sure to check out:

Cheap Fare Guru
Cheap Fares
One Deal
Booking Buddy

Great Accommodations
You are never without hotel options in London.  There are many great large, small and boutique hotels in practically every neighborhood.  I recommend the Tablet Hotels site to familiarize yourself with availability, price and services. 

If you can manage without the convenience of a restaurant on site or calling room service, there are some very good hotel alternatives that allow you to avoid paying the premium:

The global popularity of Airbnb has provided a vast array of home away from home options for travelers and London is no exception.  You can find many in town availabilities for under $150. a night.

Alastair Sawdays
Sawdays has a great array of interesting Bed and Breakfasts in London and throughout the UK and Europe at reasonable prices.

If you feel that the plunging pound has given you the opportunity to splurge, by all means check out the accommodations being offered on One Fine Stay. Normally, you can find spacious apartments that are great for couples, a small family or a girls getaway weekend. They are currently offering a 20% off special rate through September.

Fab Food
London used to be the last place on earth people would want to travel to for good food, but that has definitely changed. The restaurant scene in London is definitely front and center on the global food stage.

Check out the 40 hottest new restaurants and remember to book a reservation!

Sights, Venues and Getting Around
Time Out London enables you to check out upcoming venues and events with one click.  Find out if there is something of special interest on the horizon that will allow you to fine-tune your travel dates.

Visit London is another ideal site to find out everything that you need to know about the in-town goings on. This site will also give you a great overview of how to get around the sometimes complicated and always sprawling London landscape.

If you want to be spoiled, Uber fully services the London area, however there are plenty of lower cost options to get around the city including the very fast train from Heathrow to Paddington Station that allows you to avoid traffic and be in the heart of the city in less an twenty minutes.  Once there you can take the Underground, opt for a taxi or request an Uber to take you the rest of the way.

Plugging In
One of the most expensive, yet indispensible aspects of traveling abroad is cell phone usage.  It is important to know how to avoid paying exorbitant fees. 

Money Saving Expert is a comprehensive website that has recently been updated to reflect the most currently accurate information on this subject.

Odds & Ends
If you have some time before your trip you might apply for a TSA Pre Check.  It can save you the hassle of spending hour is in airport security lines.  

Now check to see if that Passport is still valid and member take lots of pictures and share them with the Holistic Fashionista tribe. Cheers!

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