What Van Morrison Taught Me About Giving Up


Article by: Angel Quintana   Photo: Sarah Loven

What Van Morrison Taught Me About Giving Up

What Van Morrison Taught Me About Giving Up

With a new moon in Leo, we’re finally moving out of the sluggish, “I don’t want to do it” mentality and into a mindset of taking action towards finishing projects so we may relish in the fruits of our labor. However, sometimes getting your groove back is easier said than done.

During the hottest month of the year, most of us are vacationing by the beach and taking that much needed R&R with the hopes of recharging our batteries, but that doesn’t mean our projects need to take the back burner.

I’ll be the first to admit that I love starting new projects— I could literally launch a new idea everyday, but that doesn’t mean it will be well thought through or that I always finish what I start. You see, project starting and project finishing are two very different mindsets. One involves the creative, idea-generating process (which most of us ladies really love) and then there is the execution part of the project to see it through to it’s finale (a much more masculine part of the process).

And yes, you can guess that it is the latter where most of us women begin to fumble. Why is it that starting a new project is exciting and exhilarating, but seeing a project (or desire) to it’s completion trips us up and gets us to drop the ball?

I needed a sign to help me figure out this one.

Yesterday I asked my angels to give me a sign I would without a doubt understand that would assure me about project I was thinking about throwing the towel on and they did just that.

This morning while showering with my iPhone blazing Spotify, one of my all time favorite songs came on, Into the Mystic by Van Morrison. The last line in that song said, “it’s too late to stop now” was a huge wake up call.

If you’ve already spent hours, blood, sweat, and tears on a project, why on Earth would you stop now? The hardest part of materializing project is coming up with the idea in the first place!

When you’re struggling with stay focused or self-doubt is creeping in, here are a few tips to light a fire under your booty:

1) Talk to Your Angels
If you haven’t tried speaking with your angels yet, there truly is no better time to open up the communication lines than when you’re feeling like giving up. To reach your angels, you merely need to sit quietly and ask them for guidance, “Dear angel, I am struggling with knowing if I should complete this project, please show me a sign that I will understand that will help me know I am on the right path for the highest good of all.” 

It’s really that simple. You will be shocked how incredibly eye-opening this can be!

2) Figure Out What’s Stopping You
Sometimes the problem behind completing a task or materializing our desires is understanding where the block is coming from. This is a huge puzzle piece! Many times we worry the next stage in the process will either take too much time, it sounds boring (or even treacherous), or we aren’t quite sure what the next steps should be. 

To unlock what is preventing you from continuing, we need to ask different questions. You’ll be happy to know that the reason for your delaying a project is usually because you want to start another one! You have a lot of creative ideas and a ton of things you want to materialize in your life, so giving up on a current project seems like a reasonable solution, when in reality it’s actually the opposite. 

When you choose to stop one project to open space for another one, you actually are creating clutter in your mind and a cluttered mind can’t finish any project! So the next time you come up with another awesome idea, be sure you complete your current project so you can move ahead with clarity on all future projects.

3) Ask for Help
I know this seems pretty obvious, but I can probably guess if you’re reading this you’re probably an over-achiever (and over-achievers seldom ask for help). Asking for help is equivalent to making your project more fun! Finding the right kind of people or tools to help you complete your project is not only educational, but it's actually the part of your creative process that you love: problem-solving!

I usually resort to watching tutorials on Youtube when I want to try a new technique or learn a new skill, but you could also post in Facebook groups to see if someone with a particular skill might want to get involved. This is such a fun part of completing a project because you get smarter and you make new friends!

In closing, starting new projects without completing half-baked ones will only lead to more mental chaos, which will not help you materialize your dreams. Van Morrison said it frankly, “it’s too late to stop now.” My angels brought me that sign and now not only am about to materialize a project I have been working on for years, I get to share my newfound wisdom with my favorite holistic leader: you!

From one Holistic Fashionista to another, you got this! Now go follow those dreams to their completion.

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