Why Rebellion is a Great Strategy for Making More Money in 2016

Issue #31: Letter from the Editor

CEO/Founder: Angel Quintana
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Magazine: Issue #31

Strategy for Making More Money in 2016

Strategy for Making More Money in 2016

As the year comes to a close, I cannot help but reflect on the past. From my crazy years as an unruly adolescent to the big move to San Francisco at the age of 18— I'll say it humbly, I’ve always been a rebel. Like most entrepreneurs, I don’t like to be told what to do. Instead, I prefer someone to help me see challenges through a new lens so I can make up my own mind and make my own decisions-- in business and in life. And here at Holistic Fashionista, that’s exactly how we help our clients too.

We don’t believe in hierarchy, the coach-to-client relationship or the I'm an the teacher and you're the student mentality. It feels contrived. After all, we aren't know-it-alls, we're a team and we like to dance to the beat of our own drum. Plus, our goal is to be a powerful team together, not give or take orders!

But even for the most independent and self-assured entrepreneur doesn't likes to break rules, live on the edge, take chances, or endure that begrudging leap of faith. In fact, most boutique brands are playing it too safe, even though they have big dreams and financial goals to reach. Why is that? Whether it’s increasing your advertising budget or speaking on stage, each and every one of us has fears that need to be faced before we can get to the next stage in our businesses. 6-Figures? 7-Figures? Touch more lives? You decide what the next stage is for you, then we'll support you in getting there!

Since 2016 is right around the corner, I can’t help but stare rebellion straight in the eye and say, “I'm ready! Show me the way.” Just like anyone, from time to time I can get a little complacent and fall into the traps of playing it safe, but with new goals to tackle in 2016, I’m ready for more and I’m taking you with me! 

So let’s break it down:

Where is your rebellion barometer:

While I am no psychologist, I believe rebelliousness comes from a strong desire to think, feel, and do what’s in your heart even if it makes waves, furrows brows, and ruffles a few feathers. If we’re going to get to know ourselves better so we can break-free from our insecurities and rock out 2016 to the fullest, the first things we need to do a little soul searching. So I'm going to suggest asking yourself harder questions.

1) Where am I playing it safe?

2) What am I afraid of?

3) How can I test the waters without jumping all in?

4) Is there a way to get what you want without gambling?

As much as rebellion wants you to jump in with both feet and rock the boat, rebellion isn't running the whole show-- and doesn't need to be. We simply need to recognize that a desire for different results will require a change. And with change, rebellion is perking his little head up and ready to get fired up! Tame the rebellion by taking incremental steps, test the waters, and notice what kind of results you get.

How to use rebellion without giving the birdie:

From time to time, your rebellious attitude may feel like a fuck-it attitude. No I’m not talking about giving someone the birdie or parachute sailing, I’m talking about breaking down the fear that is preventing you from making more money in your business, changing more lives, and releasing all those limiting beliefs that are keeping you stale.

Perhaps you didn’t spend much on advertising this year or hire that much needed assistant, somewhere in your money story you were holding on too tight, which was preventing you from taking the next leap of faith in your business. Where are you holding on too tight? Make a list of areas in your business that are being run by fear. Then, ask yourself how your business might look differently if you did the unthinkable. This may cause of increase in blood pressure, but it will challenge you to see the areas in your business where you are playing too safe. Take inventory.

Rebellion is a sacred act when it is honed carefully. It allows you to think before you do, but to still act courageously and with integrity. The easiest way to tap into it, is to feel where you are holding on too tight. Once you can feel the tightness, you’ll better understand where you need to loosen the reigns and let go.

Why rebellion is a key ingredient to sensational:

Rebellion allows us to see the world differently, and as a result, our creativity skyrockets. Beautiful concepts, ideas, and businesses have been birthed from rebelling against the mainstream, pop culture, or even dissociating with what is considered acceptable. When we aren’t afraid to use our voice to speak up, be heard, put a piece of our soul out there for the world to judge, we grow as human beings.

The more often you practice rebelliousness, the more in tune you become with yourself and the idea of taking a chance or a leap of faith becomes second nature. It's just part of the process. It’s not longer about “will it”, it’s about “what if.”

As you set your New Years goals, remember that manifesting what it is you desire is possible. If you can’t imagine it happening, it can’t be birthed. if you’re too scared to take a risk, you’ll never know. If you're too caught up in the outcome, you'll never get started. Embracing rebellion isn’t about hurting other people or causing chaos (ok, well maybe a little), it’s about challenging yourself and others to dig deeper into themselves so they can finally discover what has been holding them back. Once you've done that, you'll achieve different results. So what's the harm in that?

If you want to go from good to sensational, rebellion is the quickest path to cash!

To be rebellious in business means to take chances, to believe you will be carried no matter how out on a limb you go to make your business work… for you. If you want to make more money, then it's time to stop playing it safe. Allow the Universe to provide for you by taking a leap of faith. You just might find that you will be carried.




Angel Quintana builds luxury brands. She is the CEO and Founder of Holistic Fashionista, a marketing and consulting agency for holistic leaders looking to start and grow designer businesses. Acclaimed for her renowned Signature System© mentoring programs, Angel helps over-achievers launch strategic sales funnels to sell high-end, holistic products. Her non-traditional consulting style focuses on asking hard questions and listening attentively to clients in order to: write compelling sales copy, creative problem solve, launch killer marketing plans, and attract their Kismet Clients™.

While her tattooed exterior shows her creative tough side, it is her thoughtful approach to brand building that has won her thousands of raving fans. She is also the author of Funnel Foreplay, the little black playbook of sales strategies for a new generation of internet marketers who celebrate the art of business-to-consumer relationships without jumping into bed with cold leads. To learn more about Angel, visit www.AngelQuintana.com.

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