Why You Need a Jade Roller (anti-aging secret!)

(Anti-Aging Secret!)

Article by Lynne Dominick


There aren’t a lot of sure things anymore, but putting your money on the growth of the beauty industry is a pretty solid bet. 

Beauty appears to be recession proof.  Sales are expected to reach a trillion dollars within the next several years with no downturn in sight.  A good portion of this revenue is fueled by our passion for anti-aging products and anything that remotely allows us to retain a youthful appearance.  

In addition to a multitude of new treatment products, we have recently seen the advent of electronic devices in the war against aging, with new entries to the market popping up at a rapidly growing pace.  

Utilizing a special tool to keep skin glowing and looking more youthful is hardly a new concept. Women have been seeking solutions that keep the skin from aging for hundreds of years. Take the Jade Roller for instance.

Until a few years ago, I had never even heard of a jade roller.  I first became familiar with them when I read an article about a famous make up stylist who said it was the one thing she couldn’t live without.  (and now, neither can I)!

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Used by women in China since the 7th century, the secret of the jade roller lies in the remarkable healing properties of the jade stone itself.  Jade removes toxins from the tissues, and rebinds skeletal and cellular systems. It aids the body’s filtration and balances body fluids. 

Small, affordable and simple to use, the majority of jade rollers are carved from green jade and have a handle and a round cylinder (the roller) at each end.  (If you’ve spent time in museums checking out ancient Asian artifacts you may have seen them in crude form).

Using the roller to massage the face and neck for as little as 15 minutes at night while you are watching television or lying in bed, will improve overall tone and elasticity, leaving your skin brighter, tighter and glowing.  It will also help reduce inflammation, eliminate puffiness under the eye area and minimize pores.  

The roller’s massaging effects can also provide the additional benefits of lymphatic drainage and the removal of lactic acid from the facial muscles.

Before spending up to $500.00 on an electronic anti-aging device, I suggest you seriously consider buying a jade roller.  Say good bye to puffy eyes, dull sagging skin, enlarged pores and hidden toxins for an investment of less than $100.00!
Here are several examples you might want to check out:

Ling Skincare Jade Roller $90.00

Lovely and Natural Deluxe Deep Green Jade Roller $80.00

White Lotus Jade Roller $42.00

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