Find Your Balance With A Secret Place



Article by Denita Austin  
Photo Credit: Pamela C. Wills

I believe that everyone needs a secret place that is close to your heart and that no one knows about. We are sensitive to our environments and with that being said, we should always make it a priority to visit places that bring out the best in us. We want to experience a high vibration of total happiness at our secret place of bliss.

Where is your favorite place to be? Is it a beach house with the perfect view of the ocean, a hidden nook in the Forrest that brings you closer to nature or a cute bungalow tucked away in the mountains? Be free within your space and take this time to appreciate all of the wonderful things in your life. Visit this secret place as often as possible to gather your thoughts and to become balanced.

My secret place is a hidden cove tucked away in the rain forrest . I absolutely love this place because it allows me to be creative within my thoughts. I’m able to journal and take long walks to clear my mind. I love sitting by the fire pit as the sun sets to relax and unwind. The weather is always amazing and I love connecting with my surroundings. Do some research on places that peak your interest and plan a visit. You never know what you will discover in your new secret place of choice. 

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