8 Ways to Leave An Impression


Article by Cinthia Singleton  
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8 Ways to Leave An Impression

8 Ways to Leave An Impression

The quick impression we leave behind, intentionally or unintentionally, helps those around us form an opinion.  Perhaps they only get the glimmer of us when they meet us, a shell of who we are, but it is life.  We're such animals sometimes, aren't we?  So why not have a hand in creating the illusion yourself?  

Not that one has to put themselves out there with all the vengeance of a Hallow’s Eve reveler - though that IS a way people DO create illusion once a year - but we all can be a little more conscious of the subtleties we project to the world each day.  

1| Use those eyes.

Make eye contact even if all you’re doing is getting directions.

2| Find yourself complaining about a “tragic waistline” or “shapeless arms?”

Play up the other parts of you that are the treasures.  Those amazing hands? Get a manicure.  Long neck? Statement necklace or a long strand of pearls.  

3| Dress as if you are going somewhere.

No old bras. No socks with holes. Doesn’t matter if no one will see that item or whether you’re just running to the store (which is as much somewhere as anywhere), you are just trudging along. You are vibrant and alive. You are, aren't you? Energetically, think of it this way... no one gets on the train that's just sitting in the station but the one that's roaring and warming up.

4| Walk as if you are going somewhere with someone fabulous on your arm - You!

Remember early on in Saturday Night Fever when Tony Manero walks down an otherwise busy Brooklyn street with his can of paint?  With every step hitting the pavement, he is IT and he is already THERE. 

5| Don't wait for an occasion.

Wear something that makes you feel fabulous; "BE" the occasion just by wearing it.

6| Speak from the heart.  

7| Listen.

8| Observe in other people what simple qualities you LIKE about them.

Positivity and openness for others is a good vibe to nurture.  

We use the senses to get our bearings amongst the animals in the kingdom. At best, it is a healthy defense mechanism. At worst, it’s profiling or pigeonholing. But it’s always a single color or line… try giving those you meet some of the beautiful, rich grays.

As John Waters says,

Who cares what you think when I entered the room. I only care about what you think about when I leave.

Of course he was talking about why he liked wearing plaid suits. Be the plaid!  lol

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