Communication Tips: The Beauty of Connection

Connection is a beautiful thing...yet it can also bring us our most painful moments of reflection. Join Angel and Season for this week's radio experience as they get raw and real and discuss this poignant topic.  They both explore the issue we all face at times with friends and our connections in general.  The question arises, when to dive in and "fix it" when challenges surface...and when to let go, be comfortable with a bit of distance and "detach with love".  There is no easy answer for this.

The answer lies in the ability to get vulnerable and real and to have the conversation with ourselves and to take a look at ourselves in the mirror. 

Listen as your fellow Heart Shaped Sisters discuss their pain, their hope and their commitment to this topic.  We are happy to have you with us weekly for this much needed stretching for the soul!  


Heart-Shaped Heroine is an Art of Humanity movement designed to create positive change in the world. We seek to inspire our audience to think outside the lines, let go of the negative influences of society and the media that promote perfectionism and yield other damaging consequences. Through Heart-Shaped Heroine radio show, Angel Quintana and Season Hewitt will discuss thought-provoking topics to expand awareness around propaganda, holistic living, self empowerment, and much more. Join Angel and Season for pro-happiness fuel for the brain that will leave you exhilarated, ready to take charge of your own life, and be a holistic leader of tomorrow.