Communication Tips: Are You Missing Your Cue?

Join Angel and Season as they discuss what it means to miss our cue!  The stage is waiting…and we want to be ready to hear when it is our turn to have our moment and shine in life.  We can't do this if we don't get "how to be", or if we constantly are "missing our cue".  If the music in life starts…and that is your cue…listen up so you can make your debut!

Some aspects of missing the the cue include discharging pain in the form of blaming and shaming others.  Another way we can be prepping side-stage and miss our moment is engaging harmful gossip.  This mode of interaction comes from a place of feeling disempowered and a desire to take a short-cut to obtain the upper hand in business or personal situations.  Harmful gossip separates people and can be very destructive.  This happens to all of us, either on a victim or perpetrator level.  Listen to the ladies discuss what lurks in our proverbial blind spot on this issue and much more.  We need this raw forum and a formula to crack the code on blocks to living in a more elevated manner…

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