The Secret to Success for Soulpreneurs


Article by Angel Quintana

The Secret to Success for Soulpreneurs

The Secret to Success for Soulpreneurs

What is the secret to success? I bet most entrepreneurs would love the answer to that question. But like anything, the answers are usually pretty basic. We’re just too intelligent and focused on our cognitive brain, which prevents us from leaning more in with our hearts. 

The secret ingredient is love. Plain and simple. Here are three ways to align you with more love in your business to attract more of your Kismet clients, make more money, and change more lives.

The secrets to success:

1// Love people more. When you take the time to get to know others (your potential customers), you vibrate higher. And when you vibrate Higher, you make more money. Start caring more about people.

2// Love yourself more. This means you accept yourself for who you are, which in turns means your express yourself, share your story, and show us your authentic self. Don’t fear people won’t like you. If you’re real, the right people will find you. And they will buy from you too. 

3// Love your craft more. Put more soul into your work. Read more books, experiment with different ideas, try new things, take more risks. Put in the time to become an expert at your craft. Breathe your work because it is not outside of you, it is within you. Pay attention to the details, and the people you’re meant to serve will pay attention to the details of YOU!

More business tips? Join me for The Rising Star Inner Circle. We meet twice a month. I love my clients and my craft, and everyday I fall more in love with me. That’s what i want for you too!

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