Ahja Jahqua Toure'

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Ahja Jahqua Toure' is the CEO/ Witch Doctor and Holistic Self Care Expert of Toure' Botanica Inc,  she is also a Tantra Teacher/ Mentor and Guide of Back To Center Goddess Program and Retreats and Author of the book, "The Goddess Sex School for Holistic Living". She has made it her life's mission to help women take radical responsibility in attaining their sovereignty, self-care, feminine power, sexuality, love, and vitality. She is a Goddesses Goddess who encourages women to have open dialog with their children creating unbreakable bonds while tapping into her souls Divine wisdom. She is also a Creative Apothecary that handcrafts customized personal care products that assist her clients in creating daily self- care rituals for healing and wholeness. She is currently working on her next  level of soul work that assist women through major life changes such as divorce and illness.


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