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Dalini Rose is a multi-faceted creative woman. She has lived a life that has enabled her to tap into her creative power and transform her life. 

She is an artist, healer, astrologer, photographer, actress, feeler, musician, poet, empath, rock n roller, priestess, entrepreneur, freedom seeking, plant-loving, ambitious, health nut. Her muse is the subtle powers in the world, within mother nature and human. Connecting through creativity and being. Dalini's background as an astrologer and healer has allowed her to create chapters that help us recognize our patterns and blind spots so we can have a breakthrough and dance in the realm of infinite creativity and possibility! She uses astrology, oracle cards, intuitive reading as tools to explore our questions, relationships, career, purpose, karma and any other blockages or hopes we have. 

Her vision is expansive and symmetrical, allowing harmony and growth to flow through her work.

“Life is poetry and we are all pieces of art”. - Dalini Rose



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