Dr. Hillary Lampers ND

Dr. Hillary Lampers is a licensed Naturopathic physician and one of only 18 certified NeuroCranial Restructuring (a powerful cranial technique for the brain, balance, and beauty) practitioners in the world. Dedicated to the purpose of “being your own unique self” her background includes therapeutic massage, dance, yoga instruction, and bachelors of science (BS) and doctoral (ND) degrees from Bastyr University in Seattle. 

Dr. Hillary’s endeavors are too long to list here, but you can read all about her at www.drhillarylampers.com. Her dedication to many years of patient care continuously reminds her to stop, breathe, and maintain an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE!

Her upcoming BrainsBeauty+ brand will compliment her interest in brain health, stress management, and the beauty and creativity of women as they age. Dr. Hillary loves her 5 year old daughter (girls ROCK!), homesteader husband, vintage fashion, and the healing power of humor, great food, and travel!


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