Jen Peters


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Jen Peters is a soul guide, healer, and love and life transformation coach. She has an unshakable passion and gift for empowering women to connect with their own souls’ wisdom and guiding them out of toxic or narcissistic relationship cycles and into healthy relationships and the Divine Truth of who they are. 
Her mission is to help truth seekers all over the world release and fully transcend limitations that stand between them and a life they truly love and to fully align with the calling of their soul. 
As a Starseed, Jen uses a powerful blend of energy -based healing modalities to effectively serve the needs of her clients who are located all over the world. 
Her favourite past times include writing, soaking up the sun and sea near her home, indulging in spiritual practices and making memories with her beautiful son and their delightfully mischievous cat Whiskey.

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