Sabrina Cassis


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Sabrina Cassis, founder and creative director of Alice Kass Lingerie is an experienced fashion buyer, content creator and self-love advocate. She is known for her distinct sense of style and keen eye for stand out pieces as well as her passionate, authentic and thought-provoking articles and interviews that inspire and empower the modern, independent woman.

Sabrina shares her love of beautiful, sexy and comfortable lingerie and her passion for female empowerment through her carefully curated multi-brand lingerie platform Alice Kass. Since its inception in the Fall of 2014, she has built a loyal community of boss babes that continually inspire her to keep creating, sharing and connecting through her Self-Love Project and online community, Bed Talks by Alice Kass. Her mission is to empower women to connect to themselves and their sensuality so they can embody their femininity, ignite their confidence and be the badass goddesses they know they are.

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