Tamara Gurney


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Tamara’s deep passion and soul’s purpose is to raise the vibration of the collective consciousness into one of pure, heart-centered consciousness, to guide and facilitate your own unique awakening and embodiment of your divine self, to trigger the memories of your multidimensional being which leads to your remembrance of the fullness of who you truly are.

Tamara’s work involves mentoring, intuitively guiding, truth telling, and nurturing you with unconditional love and acceptance. Her medicine is deep, fierce, and all encompassing. She see’s, intuitively know’s, and feels the fullness of who you really are. She considers it a deep honor and blessing to guide you back to knowing your true self and embodying it fully in this lifetime.

Tamara believes that our relationship with our SELF is the most important and most honorable relationship to have. She invites you to walk the path back to you to embody and to live that desire as a beautiful reality, both within and without.


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