10 Daily Self Love Practices to Stop Self Sabotage


Article by Lindsey Ardoin



Do you find yourself getting really excited about a potential new opportunity make the decision to go for it and then immediately second guess yourself? Or do you find comfort in your decisions and make investments in yourself and your future with ease?

Being aware of limiting behavior is critical to break your patterns of Self Sabotage. Tell me if any of these sound familiar:

• You second guess every decision you make

• You get lost in overthinking a situation or investment to the point of procrastination

• You make a big investment but do nothing with the tools/resources you paid for

• You binge watch TV, wine in head night after night

• You scroll social media IG/Facebook/Pinterest for hours but complain that you have no time to start/work on your business

• You fantasize about other people lives that you follow on social media IG/Facebook/Pinterest

If any of those statements resonated with you, then you are stuck the cycle of Self Sabotage. You are stuck in the world of pure Ego. You are allowing your Ego to hold you back from Self Love and Self-Discovery.

Your Ego wants to keep you safe; it allows you to make a decision but causes you to second guess every endeavor and decision to the point of overthinking and even withdrawing from your decision (getting a refund for that program or course).

Ego does not want to fail; it does not even want to try. Your Ego is limiting you from reaching your highest potential and learning how to truly express Self Love.

Your Ego is holding you back out of fear of failure. Isn’t it time to let your Ego stop running your life?

Maybe the statements above did not resonate with you at all or maybe they only touched you a tiny bit. Let’s take a look at what Self Love looks like.

• You take time to meditate on a decision to see if it aligns with your soul

• You ask yourself “what does my soul crave?” and follow through with that vision

• You take inspired action daily towards your goals feeling and knowing you are on the right path to fulfilling your soul

• You practice regular self-care (warm baths/soaks, massage/bodywork, healing modalities, crystals..etc)

• You are able to appreciate and no longer fear your darkness or the darkness you experienced

knowing it made you a better person

• You have Self Love affirmations pinned up throughout your home

• You affirm daily to yourself how much you love yourself and how amazing you are

If any of these Self Love statements resonated with you, then you are walking down the right path. Every action we take towards Self Love and discovery of our true authentic self puts us closer to understanding our true soul’s purpose. When we take action from a place of Self Love we allow space for the universe to bring us closer to our purpose.

So the question is how to we step out of and break the cycle of Self Sabotage and start practicing and cultivating Self Love?

Daily Self Love Practices

• Affirmations of Self Love and Self-Worth in front of a mirror (while hugging yourself)

• Forgive yourself for not knowing what you did not know in the past

• Forgive yourself for the limiting beliefs and patterns of Self Sabotage you used to practice

• Practice daily self-care through movement, bodywork, crystals, sound healing, meditation, whole food nutrition, etc.

• Practice journaling about your true desires and dream life

• Become aware of your thoughts and where your mind drifts during idle moments (that is where your soul purpose lies)

• Allow and affirm to yourself that you are open to divine guidance to find your soul’s purpose

• Release the fear and worry of failure knowing that you are being divinely guided to your dream life

• Allow yourself the space to experience healing by helping others through speaking your truth and sharing your story

• Practice mediating on your desires

When you begin to utilize these daily Self Love techniques you will begin to become more aware of how you make decisions and how those decisions make you feel. You will begin to notice if your actions, words, investments are sitting comfortably in your body or causing discomfort.

Some level of discomfort is natural and you will have to learn the difference between fear of failure/holding yourself back vs. fear of failure/welcoming the learning process.

When we hold ourselves back because we are afraid to fall or be criticized we are Self Sabotaging our dream life and soul purpose. We have to be comfortable with a fair amount of fear for new ventures and investments knowing that and trusting that we are being divinely guided and are acting with pure Self Love.

When we are truly aligned with our soul’s purpose and practice regular self-care we begin to notice our patterns of Self Sabotage and are able to break those limiting patterns and beliefs. We are then able through actions rooted in Self Love begin to appreciate our past patterns, thank our Ego for keeping us safe and rise up into our authentic role, our true purpose.

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