How to Unbrainwash Yourself - Part 1


Article by Maleah Jacobs

How to Unbrainwash Yourself - Part 1

How to Unbrainwash Yourself - Part 1

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed.”

---Albert Einstein

The immensity of existence, the heavens, Spirit, the Great Creator, That Which Has Ten Thousand Names, or The All In All, In All, In All - whatever you want to call it - remember, it is constantly putting forth more energy than we have been conditioned to believe we could possibly allow into our lives in our lifetime.

As we allow ourselves to be open to however that may show up for us (with detachment as to the specific outcome), abundance will show up, in ways more amazing than we could possibly imagine; abundance in the form of friends, clients, money, material items, experiences, goods, deeds, opportunities, relationships, health, wellness, vitality, poise, peace, self-love, bliss.

Let’s take a moment to define our sense of cosmology.

Bear in mind, I would never suggest for you to substitute my belief system for your own. It’s not my intention to alienate, diminish or exclude anyone’s personal belief system or core values. I am aiming to be inclusive. Take what serves you and leave the rest. The contents of this article harmonize with any cosmology, any belief system.

The truths contained herein are taken from my decades of work with clients, the themes that present themselves over and over, and the solutions that have worked.

Whether you refer to the Universe, collective consciousness, G-d, The Great Creator, The Great Creatrix, Gaia, Father/Mother/God, Goddess, God, Good, That Which Cannot Be Named, or goes entirely without a name, or has any other name, even if you are an atheist or agnostic, or simply secular, these universal truths stand up because they are borne of the human experience.

This article is designed to act as a BIG HUG. It’s my intention to always include the information I receive and relay to clients, family, and friends, in a context of LOVE and deep compassion. As you will read, the themes that I’ve encountered in my life and livelihood have not, historically, been openly talked about.

It’s not even something we contemplate with ourselves, even in those quiet moments. That denial is a normal response to an abnormal situation because most of us have been conditioned to believe things that aren’t True. Capital T True.

These outdated concepts, ideas, patterns of belief, outcomes, pain, and traumas are always held as sacred to me, as I am well aware that I have a front row seat to a miracle when in service. That miracle is you.

A lot of what I see over and over again is the brain training that we humans have been deeply conditioned to believe is our Truth but it simply isn’t our Truth. I’m going to go ahead and call it what it is; brainwashing. The purpose of this article is to illuminate the truth, peel back the layers of programming and give you the tools to wash your brain clean as the day you were born.

Oftentimes, I’m telling folks, “I give you permission to rest in the hammock of life.” What does that mean? Imagine a big, spacious hammock. Or imagine a snuggly one that the rock climbers and other outdoor enthusiasts use called a bivouac shelter or a bivouac sack (also is colloquially known as a bivvy).

Much like a weighted blanket, it feels like a hug.

As adults navigating an often weary world full of fellow travellers that we encounter along our way that are all “doom and gloom” and worriers that have forgotten who they truly are.

Some of us have forgotten or were never taught that we can self-soothe, in ways that don’t involve checking out or numbing out in unhealthy ways, rather in ways that are healthy and appropriate as adults. Because the world can feel like too much to negotiate through and I’m a big fan of the 5-10 little things that make all the difference.

Here is a phrase from Joel Goldsmith. It has saved me, seriously. It saved me a bunch of times over when I was desperately sick and had lost my home due to Lyme disease and its very expensive out-of-pocket treatment. It saved me when I already had plans A, B and C to end the pain.

“Grace is my sufficiency.”

Yes, that’s it. That’s what kept me alive. Grace is that gift that is given without merit. You don’t have to earn the grace. What that means is that the gift of grace is enough to sustain you through anything that life may throw at you.

Prepare to experience this grace. Now. (continued...)

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