3 Kinds of Spiritual Unions


Article by Rasia Mykonos Pouncie



Ever meet someone and feel immediately drawn to them? Ever associate your lover with the word soulmate or your partnership as destined?

Often times, we feel this way because the people who we draw to us are meant to be. But being "destined" or "meant to be" doesn't always mean forever. Today I want to share with you my take(and experience)on three types of spiritual unions. 

The first is a soul mate union.

A soulmate doesn't always have to be a love interest. A soulmate can be a friend, a lover, even a pet! The term soulmate simply means that there was an agreement made in a past life between two energies, to meet again in this life. How do you know you've met a soulmate?

Things will flow, be easy, and effortless. When you argue, both of you are more willing to set aside differences and come to some happy middle ground.

Soulmates provide a safe place to heal from past hurts and often provide you with whatever you have been missing from past relationships. This environment is like a womb, providing a space to grow and mature but every pregnancy comes to term and you have to travel down the birth canal so to speak, and enter into the real world.

When this happens, you have either matured and healed enough to move on, or you chose to stay for more comfort, love, and growth. This isn't a bad thing, just know that not all soulmates are forever mates.

The second spiritual union I’d like to discuss is a karmic relationship.

This type of relationship  can often be our best teacher but very painful and tumultuous. Again, you will feel an intense pull to this person, maybe even more intense then that of a soulmate, but it won't be as easy. No, this relationship will be riddled with pot holes, and road blocks.

It will seem as though life keeps getting in the way no matter how hard you try to stay together. Often times there is a lot of arguing, up and down energy, with lots of breaking up and getting back together. When your partner is gone you may feel extreme emptiness and when he or she is back it only feels good for the first few days and then you're back to asking yourself, "what am I doing?"

This is because there is growth to be had here, lessons to be learned about what it is you want, how you interact with others, what are you willing to tolerate and how do you allow others to treat you. The people we attract into our lives are our greatest teachers because they act as a mirror to reflect what is going on inside of us, which isn't very pretty sometimes.

It takes a karmic relationship to really take a deeper look at ones shadow self and bring it into the light so as to offer it the love and healing it needs in order to integrate. This is why the great teachers talk about acceptance, tolerance and forgiveness. Because we are all connected; simply mirroring our interpretation of existence in this life.

Lastly, Im going to touch on the Twin Flame union.

To some, this is said to be the highest union one can experience In this life. Twin flame energy feels like a soulmate but not as easy.

You recognize this persons energy as being one with your soul and with each interaction, the awareness of this can grow stronger. One or both parties is aware of the connection whether this be consciously or subconsciously. The goal of the twin flame experiment  is Ascension activation.

As you come into awareness of one another your gifts will be activated, your consciousness will expand; you will begin your journey from the I Am to the We Are.

Twin Flame pairings can be odd, one twin is married, your counterpart can be older/younger, of a different cultural background, I’ve also seen this union expressed where one twin has passed on and the other is alive.

Not all twin flames come together or even meet! If you don't, it isn't a loss. energy towards a twin flame, soulmate and even a karmic relationship can be harnessed and transmuted to be used towards healing, love, business endeavors etc. it can be used as a catalyst for growth and further life opportunities.

So if you haven't experienced one of these unions yet, don't worry the opportunity is always there. Follow your joy, honor your intuition. Stay surrounded by as much love, and positivity as you can and work on your greatest master piece....you. Meditate, pray, and focus on being the best version of yourself that you can be. Then watch things unfold. 

Love and light to you all.

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