How to Unbrainwash Yourself - Part 2


Article by Maleah Jacobs

How to Unbrainwash Yourself - Part 2

How to Unbrainwash Yourself - Part 2

The Four Pillars of Society

We have all been lied to. Not maliciously, but rather ignorantly. The people who have lied to us were lied to themselves, and the myth is perpetuated and passed on this way, with each generation buying into concepts they were told that simply are not the truth.

We have grown up with the 4 pillars of society:

● Churches

● Media

● Schools

● Primary caregivers: extended family, family of origin.

Most parents, as well-meaning as they are, have modeled struggle and hardship and “life is not meant to be easy. You’ve got to pay your dues and put in your time.” Well, my dad died of a massive heart attack at the dinner table at age 52 when I was 24. No, thank you. He was a workaholic and an alcoholic. And my mom modeled to me being chronically ill. She married a wealthy man, but then she died at 39 when I was 15. I don’t want that story either.

It was deeply conditioned in me that I could be a workaholic and have money but I could not have a primary love relationship that worked all the time because my dad was divorced 3 times and had been through many girlfriends in between.

He just always struggled in that area. So I thought, “OK, I can be successful and have a really great name for myself or I can be chronically ill and just marry a millionaire.” That’s what my dad and my mom did, but then she died. I don’t want that. I don’t want to be chronically ill. That’s what was modeled to me, so I was doing both. I was a workaholic.

I was working in film and advertising. I ended up being an executive broadcast producer for the top ad agency in Seattle. I was traveling and I was doing the intuitive work and traveling for that as well, and teaching workshops. It was too much. I worked myself silly, sick. Then I was like a toothpick, thin and gaunt.

But now I realize that I can have it all. So that’s what I’m about. You can have it all. You can have a loving relationship that works all the time, all the cash you can spend, financial freedom, working because you want to, not because you have to. Imagine that.

You don’t have to struggle like your parents who you may be modeling yourself. If you have children, even those not your own, they are watching you. They do what we do not so much of what we say. Because as my dad used to say, “Sh*t rolls downhill.” It does.

Where did our primary caregivers learn their limiting beliefs? From churches, media and schools. As well meaning as they might have been (or not), they are usually misguided and end up creating a set of beliefs that really don’t serve us at all but quite the contrary they end up instilling in us limitations that can then take a great effort to overcome.

In addition, despite what they tell us, they often model behaviors that are out of alignment with what they are telling us, which is out of integrity.

As children, and well into adulthood, we may not be able to put our finger on it, but we can sense that something is off.

Through the ages, religious institutions have adopted policies which depart from the pure teachings of their original proponents (Jesus, Mohamed, Budda, etc) and instead were created by those in charge as a means of controlling the population, and bending them to the desires of those in power.

They have created rules and belief systems which hedge us, limit us, make us compliant. When stripped of the human add ons, every one of these great world teachings contain heaping portions of truth, but humanity has twisted them to differentiate, to control, and yes, even to kill.

These human created add ons are instilled deep in our psyche from a very early age, and get to be uprooted, so that we can get back to the pure truth that originated the great teachings of the world.

Media perhaps does not have the same magnanimous origin as the religious institutions.

The fact is, the media is created for one simple purpose - to create profit for those who own the companies, or sometimes even worse, to create propaganda which tries to control the thinking of the masses.

We all know that bad news sells, so we are bombarded with a cavalcade of what is amiss and tragic in the world. As the saying goes, “If it bleeds, it leads.” In actual fact, there is far more good news in the world than the opposite. We just don’t hear about it because it doesn’t sell.

Our schooling system was created more than a century ago to ready the population to be good workers in the industrialized world. The world has changed astronomically since our current school system was created, but the things that are taught in schools have not kept up with the pace of change.

For example, why are they still teaching Algebra (do you use it?) while not teaching us the basic skills that allow us to thrive in the real world, such as financial mastery, bookkeeping, tax prep, passive income and other investments?

Why the proliferation of self help books, coaches, etc? Because we all missed out on true education of the things that really matter to us and light us up, and now we feel the inexorable need to educate ourselves in the things that truly move the needle, feed the soul, and make our lives fantastic. (continued…)

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