3 Quick & Dirty Practices for Developing Self Confidence

Developing Self Confidence

Developing Self Confidence


Article by Adreanna Limbach
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

I get a real kick out of the history of words. Their entomology, development, how our grandparents might have used them. I like to feel connected to the heart and heritage of things. I'm also a bonafide word nerd. 

Confidence is a quality that grants us comfort in our skin, fluidity in relationships and ease in new or difficult situations. 

It's Latin roots mean "With Faith, With Trust." A state of having fundamental faith and trust in ourselves. Confidence is also cumulative: something that we develop more of, the more that we practice it. Here are 3 quick and dirty, on the spot practices to develop more faith in yourself no matter what the situation: 


Unlike it's showy step-cousins Bravado, Arrogance, and Braggadocio, confidence is something we feel. It's a subtle state of being, rather than the performance or display of being self assured. 

Mr. Siddartha Gautama (aka: the Buddha) qualified "dropping into the body" as the first foundation of mindfulness. While our minds tend to skip from planning the future and analyzing the past (aka: the perfect recipe for creating anxiety and self doubt) our bodies can only be right here, smack dab in the present. 

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When I consider those in my life that I trust the most, it's the people who I know have my back no matter what. They're the first to rise to my defense, keep their promises, and show up when they say they will. 

Something that I hear from my clients on the regular is that it's much easier to prioritize others than it is ourselves. Life happens, things get busy, and suddenly all of the great intentions we have for ourselves go flying out the window. 

A crucial piece of developing confidence is to be as trustworthy to ourselves as we would be to a near and dear friend, even in the moments when it would be easier to just bail or let our own selfpromises slide.


Birds have it. Bees have it. You and I have it too. The same way an acorn knows how to become an oak tree, we all have a primal intelligence, and a tendency to have a "feeling" about things before we can put them into words. 

Consider your instincts a letter to yourself, from yourself. Trusting ourselves means trusting our primal GPS system.

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Adreanna is a sufficiency-centered coach that delights in connecting women to their inherent wisdom so that they can create their work and world with clarity and confidence. When she's not working with women in her private practice, she serves as a Student Coach at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, an Executive Coach at The Institute for compassionate leadership, and teaches meditation and secular Buddhist studies at The Interdependence Project. say HI to her at Delicious Intent.

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