3 Steps to Break Free From Breakups with Delicious Dating

Could It Be Fun, Juicy and Easy? Find Out!

Break Free From Breakups

Break Free From Breakups

Article by Dannah Lewis
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

What if every day you were willing to 'destroy & uncreate' (energetically let go of) your relationship with you, your body, your money and finances, your business, your family, friends and lover…AND ask yourself: “what energy, space and consciousness can me and my body be to ______________ (generate and create my juiciest reality today)? “

The right answer you will know immediately. How? You know… when you get a message that just melts every molecule of you into a puddle of yum… that’s it! How does it get any better?

Have you enjoyed your dating life or has there been way more heartache than ease, joy and yumminess? Ready to change it and create something that is fun for you? This is one of my favorite and juiciest topics and one that people ask me about most. So, please join me for pragmatic, magical tools and energy shifting processes to become the luscious leader of your romantic, sexy, delicious dating. Married or in a relationship and think this isn't for you? What if what you have could be even greater? What if this could spice things up in a whole new way and put you on the creative edge of your juiciest romantic life?

If yes:

What if delicious dating could be a contribution to every area of your life?

Here are three possible ways explored in my specialty teleclass ‘Delicious Dating’:

Part 1: Have You Spent Enough Time Checked into Heartbreak Hotel? Clearing the clutter that keeps you spinning, twisted, tied to and looped into the past. Clean that slate now!

Part 2: Are You Setting Yourself Up for Delicious Dating or Another Dating Disaster Story? Discovering what actually works for you with a new kind of checklist and pragmatic tools for yumminess in dating.

Part 3: Dating in Action – Are You Willing to be On Top of Creating Juicy Dates? Creating juicy dates with tips and pro-active tools so you can have more ease and enjoy fun, magical dating experiences.

Is it a breakup or did you just break free? You choose.

Philosophy of People is a compilation of self-improvement articles written by entrepreneurs seeking to bring holistic solutions to everyday problems. Read more articles from our 2nd Year Anniversary issue.

Dannah Lewis, Founder of Delicious LifeStyled and Certifed Access Consciousness® Facilitator is a lifestyle design and business consultant taking people from possibilities to creating their juiciest realities with a deep sense of inspiration, caring, empowerment and celebration of living. Her holistic approach merges 20+ years of corporate experience, creative talents and innate sense of working with energy and healing capacities to dynamically facilitate people and businesses to exceed their desired results. "Framework & Flow". Check out Delicious Life Styled.

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