3 Secrets to Dressing Like a French Woman


Article by: Eyenie Schultz     Photo: Dasha + Mari

3 Secrets to Dressing Like a French Woman

3 Secrets to Dressing Like a French Woman

French women are internationally known for their amazing effortless style and have been intriguing us since before the days of Brigitte Bardot! Thanks to years of living here and spending oodles of time in Pareeee, I’ve cracked the code and finally understand what makes these women so effing effortlessly chic! 

Here goes -

1.    No need for “perfect”.

French women put on just enough perfume, just enough makeup, and do their hair just enough. There’s never an intention of totally transforming - it’s about naturally showcasing and owning whatch-u got. Wrinkles, spots and other perceived imperfections are totally welcome!

2.    Neutrals, neutrals, neutrals. Wow, do they ever love their neutrals.

Try mixing and matching grays and beiges and light pinks and you’ll see that though it may sound boring, it actually creates a lovey palette. The beauty of this too is that everything is easy to mix up (hence the famous Parisian capsule wardrobe!)

3.    Fit above all else.

French women are not afraid to take their prized clothing pieces to the tailor, yo! When the purchase something, they make sure it’s quality and that it fits well. If it needs tweaking, it shall be done. When everything you wear fits like a glove, it’s easy to get dressed, and you end up oozing that energy!

What Frenchie style icon inspires you? 

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