3 Secrets to Purchasing the Best Baby Shower Gift

Best Baby Shower Gift

Best Baby Shower Gift


Article by Rosita Arias
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

Celebrating the life of a newborn baby is an ongoing event. That joyous time is a seasonless experience making the baby shower gift more meaningful.

Limitations may have you running to purchase the first item on the baby registry: carrier, jungle gym, playpen - but this is theta best time to review your options.

In recent years lifestyle trends have inclined moms to think they need excessive gifts. Whether or not that continues, it is still worth making sure you are following these 3 best secrets while shopping for the best baby shower gifts:

One | Practical

With mom's busy life and new baby on the way, she needs all the help she can get to keep life simple and the best practical item to assist in that arena is a baby blanket. You can purchase a color that coordinates with her theme or one that is gender neutral. Now, not just any blanket will do; most importantly it has to be machine washable and of quality. With countless unforeseen baby spit mom should be able to toss her favorite blanket into the wash and feel confident that her luxurious covering will maintain its integrity.

Two | Handmade

Many women would love to receive a handmade blanket and many moms would love to put that time into such a special gift however, that is not always easily attainable. With new technology and various yarns in the market, machine knitting has become the next best thing to hand knitting. The elaborate intertwining of yarns creates mini masterpieces for baby and mom to enjoy. These beautiful baby blankets will leave you mesmerized by the well replicated appearance, and hand feel, of a handmade heirloom.

Three | Unique

Purchasing a one of a kind gift will earn you kudos at any baby shower. An item that displays a specialized touch will leave a nice sentimental feeling with mom to be. With so many options to choose from one of the most celebrated ideas is a product that is embroidered. Gifting an embroidered blanket will name you the winner for the best baby shower gift and the most appreciated by mom to be. Making sure the item is embroidered with light weight thread and is scratch resistant will complete your purchase.

If you would like to contribute to mom and baby's lifetime memories, keep in mind the 3 secrets to purchasing at the best baby shower gift!

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Rosita Arias is the designer of Whimsical Charm, a line of soft, comfy, luxurious baby blankets, designed and manufactured in Southern California. Their purpose is to create blankets for the fashion savvy moms who desire to provide their child with warmth, comfort, and style. They specialize in over-sized embroideries which contain over 30,000 stitches and take 2 hours to complete. Visit Whimsical Charm to purchase the Best Baby Shower Gift!

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