5 Secrets to Reduce Stress

Secrets to Reduce Stress

Secrets to Reduce Stress


Article by Denita Austin
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

1| Decompress with Silence

Some of us are intimidated by silence but the key to reducing stress is creating a space of silence for a peace of mind. Find or create a space in your home away from everything. Sit in silence and allow your thoughts to settle. During this time, mentally scan your body to get a sense of where you are holding your stress. Deep breathing will slow down the heart rate and lower your blood pressure.  I recommend doing this twice a day. 

2| Spend (2) days alone.

This means no friends, no tv, no cell phone and no computer. Yes I know, no electronics. I promise you, if you step away from this for (2) days straight you will be able to decompress and clear your mind of clutter. By choosing to be alone you are making the decision to be present. When you are able to take a few minutes and focus on your behavior, this is called self-awareness. When you spend time in the moment and focus on your senses, you will feel less tense.

3| Reduce the caffeine and sugar in your diet.

I know this can be your best friend.  Both of these contribute to your stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed about life in general. Replace the coffee and soda with water. Remember this is a mini (2) day mental cleanse for you. You can do it! 

4| Getting a good night’s rest.

Now this is my favorite. How many hours are you sleeping on a regular basis? If it’s less than 7, we need to chat. In order to function properly throughout our day, we need to have as much rest as possible. When we do not sleep well or get the proper rest, it shows up in our emotions and mood swings. 

5| Last but not least, choose to do something special for yourself.

We are so consumed with responsibilities and our to-do list that we lose sight of the small things that make us smile. Learn how to be a kid again just for a day. What makes you laugh? What do you enjoy doing? 

I absolutely enjoy offering my private yoga coaching sessions. Each client is guided through meditation, yoga and coaching to decompress and reduce stress in their lives.

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Denita Austin

Denita has taught several high-profile clients and provided classes  in Universities, as well as in Chiropractor offices. Her teaching style is extremely calming which leads to intense relaxation, and helps with emotional balance and the reduction of stress. Denita is unique because of her diverse portfolio which includes working as a Yoga Coach, Inspirational Speaker & Author. Learn More at Denita Austin.

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