3 Simple Steps to Run a Stress-Free Business

Run a Stress-Free Business

Run a Stress-Free Business


Article by Audrey Hummer
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

Anyone who has started their own business, from a huge company to the smallest startup, knows how stressful running your own business can be. It can easily turn your passion into a chore and your excitement into exhaustion. This causes your business to take over your life, not perform its best, and cost you in time, energy, and money!

But, we also know that running your own business can be an amazingly fulfilling, passionate, and exhilarating experience! We all love to live our passion, that’s why we started this business in the first place, right? So why can’t we do it and still have the passion, drive, and excitement we deserve, while growing a successful, profitable business?

Well, the truth is, we can! 

Here’s a short list of 3 steps to keep your Business Zen and turn a profit (without pulling your hair out!):

1) Plan Ahead: If you are constantly saving things until the last minute, you’re pretty much constantly stressed. Planning things out thoroughly way ahead of time, and taking plenty of time to follow through zaps 90% of my business stress. 

2) Trust: (A.K.A. Don’t freak out!) You’re not a failure because something bad happened in your business, and chances are it’s not the end of the world (or your business). We all have stuff happen in our business, it doesn’t make you a failure, it makes you human. Next time something negative happens in your business, try looking it as a learning experience, give yourself a little time to feel bad, and then move on. Everything in your business happens for a reason! 

3) Delegate: You do not have to do everything yourself! I can’t stress this enough. I see so many entrepreneurs burn themselves out and never get anywhere because they feel like they have to “bootstrap” everything. The truth is, more often than not it’s actually cheaper to pay someone to do work for you rather than spend hours frustrated and burnt out trying to do something yourself (believe me I know)! Do yourself a favor, find someone you like, and get a little help! This frees you up to do your specialty, the things that will move your business forward, rather than getting stuck for hours that someone else could do in half the time (or less)!

Do it. Believe me, your business will thank you!

Philosophy of People is a compilation of self-improvement articles written by entrepreneurs seeking to bring holistic solutions to everyday problems. Read more articles from our 2nd Year Anniversary issue.


Audrey Hummer is a Virtual Assistant specializing in helping creative and spiritual entrepreneurs create businesses and websites they love! Whether it’s editing, customer service, or website design/management, her diverse online business background can take your business from ok to awesome, and add a dose of relaxation to your life! Get back to doing what you love, and let me do the rest! Set up a consultation and see my full array of services at: Audrey Shore

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