Why Buy Modern Art From Nepal?

Why Buy Modern Art

Why Buy Modern Art


Article by Beata Wiggen
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

Did you even know there WERE contemporary artist in this small Himalayan country, the Shangri-la for trekkers and mountain-climbers, wedged between India and Tibet? That you can find hip hotels, great coffee, and a vibrant art scene in Kathmandu?

So you are actually interested in modern art, ready to buy original art maybe for the first time, not the rich collector (yet) but on the look-out for professional works at a good price. Then contemporary art from Nepal is what you are looking for. 

Five reasons why buying modern art from Nepal will make you feel good:

1| You get great works at a great price – even though that may be kind of obvious when you are buying stuff from a developing country with a whole different income level.

2| You support young artists in a chaotic country with lots of problems, but still a country that allows for great creativity in the midst of a struggling economy.

3| As the art scene is still rather manageable in size, chances are high that you get to meet your artist personally, may that be virtually or actually face-to-face on a trip to Nepal.

4| You get to feel a real “patron of the arts” as one of the first Westerners becoming involved in acquiring works from outside the country and  you will be personally valued and cherished.

5| Your support can really make an impact as artists tend to spread their new “wealth” from international sales by setting up art projects with community activities (e.g. lectures, classes, workshops for street kids …)

And last but not least: the art is great! And if it’s the charity aspect that you are after: this can also be satisfied, as a number of artists now donate their works for fundraising to a young German charity www.dana-arts.org specializing in art & giving! Which means proceeds from art sales will go directly to community art projects, schooling and training.

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Beata Wiggen

Beata Wiggen. Born 1955, B.A. general psychology, work history in publishing in the U.S. and information management in Germany for a renowned writer/television maker for the last 25 years. Trainings in wholistic health, biographic therapy, NLP, mindfulness, yoga, Adlerian psychology. “Encouraging” is my thing: with the 10-week encouraging training, with starters’ yoga, with my charities … and encouraging young artists from Nepal by promoting their art in the West! Check me out at Beata Wiggen.

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