3 Steps To Becoming An Alchemistress


Article by Marcela Veron

3 Steps To Becoming An Alchemistress

3 Steps To Becoming An Alchemistress

Can you feel the energy of that word Alchemistress – the alchemical mistress? This potent word conjures up a feeling of magic, mystery and power –like a dancing manifestation in motion with the scents of evocative herbs, intentions and potions.

Words are like spells – weaving the magic in your every day and sometimes casting unbeknownst hexes where we desire blessings. Use them wisely and mindful intention as they can invoke the very thing you desire or the unintentional opposition.

The first time I read Alchemistress, I got wisdom chills down my body which landed in a sweet spot of knowing and soulful recognition. It was during a personal reading when I was tuning into guidance from one of my favorite oracle decks, “Gaia Star Codex: Seeds of a Turned on World” by Bell and Todd, whom I’ve met over a decade ago through one of my dear Feng Shui mentors that believed we should meet. It was like a moment of spiritual aha and of course –magnetic alchemy. Long story short, I was introduced to their magical, spellbinding and invocative vibrational transformational mandalas and oracle deck that still continues to weave its potent depth into my being.

The work continues to enlighten my spiritual awareness of womanifestation activation. My personal oracle book has sheets and pages falling out of its binding from the many times I’ve dived in to it’s pure vibrational field of delight and dimensity (another word of their pulsing invocation made up of dimensionality and density). Bliss to my soul which takes pleasure in summoning up and streaming in words that capture the resonant frequency that align to my intentions – many times weaving words together to embrace the moment and express the experience. My sister would say I make up words and I would say I channel and co-create these words that emerge with specific intentions that capture the invocation.

That is a potent part of magical weaving – tuning into the vehicle of sacred resonance through words and activating their sacred source to hold the pulse of your desire and invoking them like boomerangs filled with your intentions. Words can be said with little connection or energy resulting in weak manifestations or they can be amplified with presence and purpose to experience their gift and emotional dimensity and dynamintensity – a dynamic intensity (my word ; ). Use them like ritual and tune into their sound like you would a heartbeat or a drum beat.. They invoke. They summon. They call in your world.

It’s in the relationship to what you desire that brings it in. You cultivate the propensity to magnetize what you truly soulfully need and desire. The beauty of the Alchemistress reminds us to amplify and magnetize your desires tenfold to really fully fill you up with pleasure and potency to inspire you to create an intimate relationship with your intentions and aspirations with enthusiasm and vigor like life-giving blood (that phrase just streamed in to be added to the mix). The mistress has spiritual- authority. The Alchemistress has desirous manifestation authority! Here is a little secret to summon her up: it’s in the sensuous… in the deep listening… in the depths of feeling… it’s in the pools of sonar love.

Through my priestess circle, we have been dancing with desires and calling in golden nuggets to alchemize our intentions with divine guidance. I have been teaching them how to tune into magic in motion and amplify their invocations through weaving magic. Listening to waking dreams, conversations that stream in, messages from visual clues that come into view and to activate their desires.

Call up your Alchemistress to show you how to dynamically intensify your what you truly desire and your heart soul intends. Here are 3 ways you can weave in the magic.

Step 1: Finding and feeling into what you are longing for from a heart space and putting it into the words that fully express the energy of your intention and desire. It takes breathing into your body and attuning into your body bringing you into deeper presence. When you allow yourself to drop in to your sacral bowl, allowing the breath to bring you into more of an embodied state, you can feel more your essence which holds more of the energy of your desire. This practice creates more energetic space and openness to receive your desire and experience the sensuousness and brings you more into an intimate relationship to what you intend to bring into your life. It’s a sensual pleasurable and alchemical experience like wine, chocolate, and strawberries.

Step 2: Now that you are in this sensual and juicy state, speak the words with sensuality and meaning feeling as if you were making love through them. Making love by how you speak the words, entice and only say the words that feel right and delight… allow the to hit a sweet spot in you so they feel like an mmm that it almost feels delicious to say them. Allow this part to drop in more in a way that helps you feel that in saying your desires you know you will be receiving them. So allow the joy to weave through of having what you desire. This may also bring up grief of not having what you desired or not being allowed to experience what your heart really wants or needs. Keep moving through that, lean in and let it move through you. Breathe and let this experience be compassionate, healing alchemy –temperance.

Step 3: Elevate and heighten with evoking your senses. Ritualize this by using essential oils, crystals, scented candles, incense, sensual music, visual depictions of your desires and weave in more of a tactile experience to make this more of an embodied experience. Bring in elements that evoke the feelings and emotions that are aligned to your intentions. Make it more real and pleasurable by bringing in sensual touch of your body, which anchors the intentions and experience. Now imagine and act as if you were pulling the threads that hold your desires and pull them towards you. Make believe and weave them in… Alchemize by bringing in the elements like essential oils, words, language, art and components that hold the vibration and align you to your desires. This will strengthen your energetic field that is more resonant to your desires and help shift dissonance or release resistance not aligned to This is a process of elevating and heightening your ability to sense your intentions and help you move more into you lean towards your desires. Make this a practice. Continue to dance with them, relate and co-create. Again, become intimate with your intentions.

Magical blessings Alchemistress and good luck!

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