Marcela Liliana Veron


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Marcela Liliana Veron is an Intuitive Coach for Women, who desire to express their feminine essence with their divine purpose and aspire to attract and engage in meaningful, reverent relationships. She helps them exude their natural radiance and embody their best version. 

Marcela helps create a nourishing environment and lifestyles that reflects their inner beauty, while realigning to their personal sovereignty.

Marcela is a gifted healing artist, psychic intuitive and feng shui expert. She is also a skilled Face Reader, Hand Analyst and Oracle Tarot Practitioner. Her specialty is using her gifts as a Self Love Medium, Mentor & Muse. 

Marcela teaches women to connect to their creative muse and honor their magic and gifts through the sacred feminine arts. Marcela has inspired women in ways that help them deepen and honor their feminine expression, increase their love vibe, embrace their sensuality, exude their inner sexiness and elevate their esteem value."