3 Steps to Developing Your Intuition


Article by Vix Maxwell

3 Steps to Developing Your Intuition

3 Steps to Developing Your Intuition

People always ask me how I do what I do. What I do being intuitive tarot and oracle card readings and intuitive spiritual and business mentoring.

Being an “intuitive” is about connecting with more than just the hard-cold facts. It’s about tuning into that inner knowing deep within you for the answers you seek.

One of my biggest bug bears is when people throw around the word “gifted” when it comes to doing this kind of work. Many of the most incredible intuitive workers I know are spending hours every day tuning in, honing their abilities and practicing.

While some people do seem to have a kind of natural talent for this stuff, I do believe that we all have access to our intuition, we’ve just forgotten how to access it, how to trust it and how to move through our lives using it as our internal GPS, which is really what it is!

Developing your own intuition really is a life-long journey, but there are some things you can start to do today to really kick start you on your path to hearing the voice of your own intuition.

1 || Get quiet

We live in a busy, noisy world and it’s really hard to hear your inner voice when the whole world is blasting a stereo in your window. Make sure you are finding time and space to get quiet. This could be through daily meditation or carving out an extra five minutes in the bathroom to just be alone (great for if you live with a lot of people or have kids!). Even just turning off your TV and reading a book instead or taking your headphones off when you’re going for a walk can help you tune in.

2 || Protect your energy

If you are sensitive to other people’s energy, you can often be picking up a LOT of what is going on around you and that can get really jumbled up with your own thoughts and feelings. Carry a smoky quartz crystal, visualise yourself in a bubble of light or check out my free e-book How to Stay Shiny for more tips and tricks for energy protection!

3 || Trust what you do get

When you do feel like you’re getting an intuitive hit, don’t ignore it! How often have you looked back and thought “I knew I shouldn’t have done that!”. When you get those hits, or even if you just think you are getting them, listen, take action on them and see where you end up. Remember that your intuition is always a voice of love, so only follow those feelings if they really do feel like they are in alignment with your best and highest good

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